Mora Spotlight: A journey into upcycling with Lockengelöt Mora Spotlight: A journey into upcycling with Lockengelöt

Mora Spotlight: A journey into upcycling with Lockengelöt

Mora Spotlight: A journey into upcycling with Lockengelöt Mora Spotlight: A journey into upcycling with Lockengelöt


Lockengelöt Upcycling

Lockengelöt is a three-man operation from Hamburg, Germany creating fun and functional household items out of usually-discarded goods such as vintage vinyl records and hardcover children's books. We fell in love with their upcycled designs on a trip to Hamburg - choosing on the spot to approve and stock their innovative coat and key holders and upcycled vinyl products. As retailers, we believe it's important that we try to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible - and by supporting producers of innovative upcycled products, we're helping to reduce the amount of trash in landfill while also breathing new life into an otherwise unwanted product. So for this Mora Spotlight, Carsten Trill, one of the founders of Lockengelöt, talks about the creative process in finding new uses for old products and his favourite part about living in Hamburg. 

1.     Carsten what made you decide to create products out of unwanted materials such as vinyls and books?

We started off with lots of different materials, making lamps out of 50s tanning lamps, hairdryers or old vacuum cleaners, but we were always looking for the same effect on a more everyday level that is still surprising. We recognized that both records and books as potential material for new products - they happened by chance. Both materials work beautifully with a second layer, so they're products with a definitive function and at the same time can be something completely different with completely different connotations.


One of our favourite pieces from Lockengelöt - the upcycled book coat holder!

2.     What steps are involved from design to production?

If a new prototype is ready, the biggest issue is to find reliable sources for the material. All the other steps are probably similar to common ways of producing. A Lockengelöt special might be that we actually produce everything our selves right here in Hamburg, so we also build machinery that helps us smooth out production steps.


3.     Have you always been a creative person? What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t doing this?

Creativity is a strange word. We've always wanted to be creating something. I have a graphic design background so that would have been an option. We've run Lockengelöt for nine years now and it's still what we want to do so we're really grateful and happy about that!


Lockengelöt's store in Hamburg, Germany. Header image L-R: Founders Dennis Schelting and Casten Trill, employee Michael Braak 

4.     What’s involved in a typical day for you?

We just opened a new shop in Hamburg, so now production and shop and distribution are clealy separated for the first time. I take care of everything that leaves the Lockengelöt to the outside…. so to say. And there are a lot of emails doing that. Also we have concerts at the shop or go to fairs and shows.

5.     You live in Hamburg, Germany, what’s the best part about living there?

It´s a rather big city that is still very small, everything I like is very close by, I think that just makes me do a lot more stuff because it´s just 10 minutes away, I really love that about Hamburg. Being able to walk to a concert… that´s great. And I love being in Europe, so much great stuff is happening all the time. 


Lockengelöt's history

6.     Where is your favourite place in Germany?

It's Hamburg. Being at home with the piano. And my parents place in my rather small hometown. 

7.     Where is your favourite place in Europe?

There is a great swing dancing festival in beautiful Vilnius, Lithuania. I'm going next week and I'm looking forward to that.

8.     What is German cuisine like – can you describe some typical German dishes?

I'm always fascinated by the unbelievable variety of bread. I haven't seen that anywhere else yet. And I'm a big fan of the weekly fish market in Hamburg but that's more northern Germany.

9. What’s next for you and Lockengelot?

We are getting a new and bigger workspace this year and we are very excited about that!

Lockengelöt even has it's own typeface!

Thanks Carsten - we look forward to seeing more of your work this year!

Want to know more? Check out our great range of Lockengelöt's upcycled pieces!

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