Things we Love Thursday Things we Love Thursday

Things we Love Thursday

Things we Love Thursday Things we Love Thursday



Helllo hello! I know I'm a bit behind on the blogging schedule. Our internet has been playing up and we've been busy processing a few orders and tidying up bits and pieces on the site (yay!). And I'm heading to Berlin tonight for an extended weekend - it's Claudia's birthday (the other, quieter half of Mora Approved) and we're going to celebrate Berlin style! I've never been, so I'm excited to see this fascinating city for the first time! If you have any tips - things to see, things to eat and places to eat them in, do tweet me @Moraapproved 

Ok rolling on with TILT!

♥ So everyone's gone crazy about ombre hair and ombre clothes, but what about obmbre walls? I only just came across this post by Patchwork Harmony and I think I'm in love. I do think it's a good way to make a small room seem bigger - the walls just go on and on! Maybe start with one wall and see how you go with that. 

 This gorgeous DIY paper lanterns would make brilliant Christmas decorations - maybe fringe the ends of the paper, or cut out little Christmas tree motifs. So cute. 

I made this soup a few nights ago and I can confirm that it is as delicious as it looks. Extra sriracha hot sauce is the key.

If ombre walls aren't your thing, how about using a paint roller to give walls a wallpaper look?

(Image via bitrebels)

 I don't know anyone who's ever thought their home was big enough. So if you're trying to style a small space, Abigail Ahern has a few pointers for you. I especially loved her thoughts on creating visual interest on the walls by hanging a multitude of small prints. Clearly we have the same ideas: 

(A Mora living room: Small space approved!)

And if you're looking to update your space on a budget, Sarah from Yes and Yes has a few tips for you. 

Love this! Finnair has partnered with Marimekko to give their brand a redesign. This will include new livery on their planes and a range of fabrics and tableware.

Behold! A never-ending staircase. You can throw away your stair master now. 

This video below reminds me of those trippy scenes in Dumbo and Fantasia where you never knew what was happening but you loved it anyway. 

Oh and make sure you stay tuned to the blog as we we give you The World's Easiest Christmas DIY Project Ever. We don't lie. It's so easy you could do it upside down. Although we don't recommend trying that.
Ok we're off to Berlin. Enjoy the remainder of your week and your upcoming weekends. We'll eat some currywurst for you.
Auf Weidersehen!


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