Blog Love: Kate Baxter from Fabric of My Life Blog Love: Kate Baxter from Fabric of My Life

Blog Love: Kate Baxter from Fabric of My Life

Blog Love: Kate Baxter from Fabric of My Life Blog Love: Kate Baxter from Fabric of My Life

Fabric of My Life

Every once in a while we come across a blog that is so wonderfully put together it makes our eyes glaze over with browsing abandon. Fabric of My Life is one of those blogs. British interiors blogger Kate Baxter curates her favourite home style finds and inspiration into one gorgeous site that she describes as her 'magpie's nest'. (If only all Magpie's nests looked a lovely as this one).

Kate very kindly answered our questions about her style evolution, her favourite European destination and where it all began!

Kate, your beautiful blog Fabric of My Life has received much praise from publications and brands from all over the world. What inspired you to start the blog and how did you do it? I started my blog when I was freelancing as an interiors stylist, as a way of cataloguing all the things I liked in one place in order to develop my own personal style. When you’re working with a lot of different stylists on a whole variety of magazine and commercial shoots it’s very easy to lose track of your own sense of style and vision, and I wanted a place to be able to let my own tastes emerge. I didn’t really sit down with an end goal in mind or even with the thought that anyone would actually read it, it was more about being a creative outlet for me. But then people did start to read, and amazingly it was picked up by The Times Online in their 50 best design blogs listing, and things went a little crazy from there – in a good way, of course! I’ve made so many great friends and connections through my blog and have had many fantastic experiences and opportunities as a result of it — the best being selected last spring to take part in BlogTour NYC in spring 2012; a week-long design tour to Manhattan with 14 other interiors bloggers.

You use your blog as a platform to explore your style and tastes. Can you tell us how your style has developed since you started the blog in 2009?
It’s funny how much your tastes and sense of style changes over time, and that is one of the beauties of maintaining a blog – getting to see that evolution and progression as you move through from one part of your life to the next. When I first started in 2009 I was happily in a long-term relationship and my style was much ‘fluffier’ with a fondness for more romantic, whimsical designs. When my relationship ended suddenly and unexpectedly, you can see a real shift toward darker, moodier visuals and styles, and as I’ve worked through all my conflicting emotions in the past few years I think I’ve found the real me – tougher, harder than before, yes, but with a penchant for the playful and colourful too.
What's your favourite design/style?
I’m continually drawn to mid-century modern and love the simplicity, colours and geometric shapes of Scandinavian designs of this era.

Describe your home in three words.
My magpie’s nest

What's one home product you can't live without?
Probably the big chunky wool throw I have on my bed; I’m forever wrapping myself up in it to keep warm on these long chilly winter evenings!

Where's your favourite place in Europe?
I absolutely adored Stockholm when I spent a few days there last year, and cannot wait to get back later this year. I’m hoping to do a little bit of Scandinavian city hopping and also visit Helsinki and Copenhagen.

What are your plans for 2013?
To say yes to as many opportunities as possible and see where life takes me...
If you could have one Mora Approved product, what would it be?
I love the Paleolochic geometric cushions, especially the one with neon yellow stripes!
Thank you Kate - we're intrigued to see where 2013 will take you too!
All images except 'Kate's pick' is by Kate Baxter.

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