Inspiration // Nicolas Ruel Inspiration // Nicolas Ruel

Inspiration // Nicolas Ruel

Inspiration // Nicolas Ruel Inspiration // Nicolas Ruel

Here's something to help you while away the blues today. We discovered photographer Nicolas Ruel online and was just blown away by his photography. The Canadian photographer takes the kind of photos that evoke dream-like scenes that seem impossible to achieve without editing. His series of stunning photograhs, 8 Secondes, sees his subjects function like a movie set, condensing each photograph into a kind of 8-second static micromovie. This long exposure makes it possible to assemble key moments in a single take, similar to the process of condensation in dreams. It means that the photos capture fragments of daily scenes, overlaying them over one another, creating photos that seem alive yet ethereal. We particularly love the Rome photograph above, somehow really capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of the Sistine Chapel that few other photographs have ever really managed to achieve.

Photos from top to bottom: Rome, Athens, London, Paris, Madrid, St Petersburg.

We have some exciting news we'll be sharing with you later today, but in the meantime we hope you enjoy this little Inspiration break courtesy of Nicolas Ruel!



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