News: Mora Approved Site Update News: Mora Approved Site Update

News: Mora Approved Site Update

News: Mora Approved Site Update News: Mora Approved Site Update

Site Update 

Just a quick note to let you know that we've made a few tweaks to the site to give you a better shopping experience. Hooray for change!

Good news for shoppers from the United States and Canada //

If you're shopping from the United States or Canada, you can now view the prices of our products in USD or CAD. The exchange rate is pulled from hourly so the prices you'll be viewing are extremely up to date. This means you won't need to fiddle around with exchange rate conversion sites any more while you browse our shop! Just make your currency selection from the drop downs at the 'Pick a currency' button at the top of the site. 

New shipping calculator and promotion code placement //

We've added a shipping calculator earlier in the first step of the checkout process, so you can now work out the price of shipping your order to you before you finalise check out. You can also see our delivery prices upfront here. If you're lucky enough to have a promotion code, you can also now enter it in the first stage of checkout. 

Collection View //

You no longer need to scroll through endless pages to see our products - we now display 32 products per page, so you can see more of our great range at a glance!

You might also notice a few tweaks with the design of the site - we made these little changes to make Mora Approved more dynamic and user friendly. Hopefully you agree! If you do have any comments or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us on - we'd love to hear from you. 

Yours in progress and prettiness. 

(Print used in header is our gorgeous Jan Skakelic 'Make Magic Happen' print. £24.95)


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