An Earth Day Update An Earth Day Update

Earth Friendly Loving - Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! The day where we reflect on how beautiful and fragile our planet is. When I travelled to Peru a few years ago, a local from Cuzco told me that the key to happiness is to touch nature everyday - whether that's sitting on the grass, walking by a canal, watering some plants, or hugging a tree; it's the closeness to nature that makes our hearts sing on the most basic level. 

Respect for the environment is something we feel strongly about. All our packaging is recycled and we strive to stock products from designers that produce their products ethically and with an environmental consciousness that matches our own. 

With that in mind I've organised all our eco-friendly products into one place that is accessible via our 'Shop Products' tab in the navigation bar. These are the products that have been upcycled, is vintage, or has been made from sustainable materials. So when you shop from this range you can be assured that you're supporting producers who support the planet.

We hope you're touching nature somewhere!


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