Baby shower gifts for mum

When a baby shower is due to be thrown, you’ll often bring along presents aplenty of the newly born child – and rightly so!

The birth of a child is something to be celebrated and enjoyed. However, the problem is that many people don’t bring the presents for the baby and mum – most of the time, it’s only baby. And while the newly born should always be the priority, there is a good time to bring along some helpful extras for mumma as much as for the baby. So, where do you begin when it comes to finding good quality baby shower gifts for mum?

You’ll probably have noticed just how hard it can be to find something suitable for mum. Most of the time, the gifts will – at best – be suitable for both parties. Remember, though, that the physical and emotional strain of child birth is massive. It can have a massive impact on the life of the mother; she might need your support and help as much as the baby does.

That’s why you should take a look below and get properly inspired by some baby shower gifts for mum. These should help you to fill out that gift bag so that you can turn up with some very cool, very impressive presents for the baby and for mother. When you want to make sure both parties are doing good, some of the following gifts should go a long way to ensuring that is the case.

Mother/Daughter Necklace

If the mother in question has just given birth to a little girl, something like this could be a great gift to give them. This mother/daughter necklace is sure to give the two something to bond over for life. It could become that means so much to the recipients that it could become a family heirloom – you never know!

It’s the kind of thoughtful gift that is sure to have tears streaming, and it goes a long way to show the recipient just how much they mean to you and how much you want them to be happy together.

Banter cards

Another funny choice would be to pick up some of these following banter cards for the mother and child to bond over. It’s sure to cause a few laughs in the room, and the baby will (hopefully) grow up to find the funny side when they get to a good enough age. They are going to make the mother and the other guests laugh, so at the very least these little cards should act as a very useful and impressive gift to help work as a novelty.

Maybe not the perfect main gift, but a fine alternative!

Mother/Daughter wine label

While the little one is a good 18-21 years away from being able to enjoy a drink themselves, mother will certainly need one! That’s why this new mother gift wine label makes so much sense. It’s sure to cause a lot of laughs in the room, and you should find that it makes a good gift for anyone who is trying to help find something that isn’t always so serious.

It’s a fine little memento, too, and could make a fine gift for them to keep a hold of as the years go by.

New Mother kit

Of course, you might wish to keep it as something that they are going to laugh and smile at. If you want to help mother handle the challenge of the day to come, this cute little collection should be sure to make them laugh. It’s got everything they need to help make sure that those first few weeks of mother/daughter time are going to be more manageable.

From matchsticks for their eyes to a nice sachet of coffee, they’ll get a good little laugh out of what is an excellent choice of novelty gift for anyone to pick up.

Baby carrier

If you want to hand over something genuinely practical, though, this baby carrier is a fine choice for numerous reasons. It’s a fine quality of baby wearing carrier that should help to give mother and child a kangaroo-like feeling. It’s a fine little gift to hand over if you wish to help make mother and child bond together, whilst making sure they are left with a reliable little carrying system that can help them out around the house.

So, with the above products, you might just find that buying baby shower gifts for mum got a little easier. Where will you start when you are going to make a purchase like this, though?


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