Unique Fruit Bowls - Cool Bowls & Unusual Ways to Store Your Fruit Unique Fruit Bowls - Cool Bowls & Unusual Ways to Store Your Fruit

Unique Fruit Bowls - Cool Bowls & Unusual Ways to Store Your Fruit

Unique Fruit Bowls - Cool Bowls & Unusual Ways to Store Your Fruit Unique Fruit Bowls - Cool Bowls & Unusual Ways to Store Your Fruit

Unique & Unusual Fruit Bowls

Are you looking for something a little bit edgy for your kitchen?

Nothing can set the tone off better quite like a unique fruit bowl.

Of course, you could just get a boring old wooden one - but where’s the fun in that? That’s why we have selected a range of our all time favourite unusual fruit bowls for you to gander over.

And whether or not they would suit your kitchen.

Chances are if you have a unique and sleek taste.

We most definitely think they will.

Especially option #4.

So let’s go to it. Let’s see the range of unique fruit bowls on offer.

#1 Upcycled Vinyl Fruit Bowl

One thing is for sure.

Not many will quite have a fruit bowl like this one.

Made and crafted entirely from vintage vinyl records, this fruit bowl gives of a black sheen making it great for holding a few Red Delicious apples or a bunch of grapes or two.

Plus, it is bound to catch the eye of any guests who come round.

See, this is the issue with modern ‘digital’ music. There’s no opportunity to transform them into a gorgeous fruit bowl like this.

Of course, because they use a different Vinyl record every time.

Each Vinyl fruit bowl in of itself is unique.

It’s made by Lockengeloet. An upcycler. Who takes on unwanted consumer goods and basically makes them into wanted consumer goods again.

Perfect for a music enthusiast who wants an unusual quirky housewarming gift. A vinyl fruit bowl that rescues yesterdays wonder records from the scrap and breathes them a whole new meaning of life right in the center of your home.

#2 Stripey Stoneware Bowl

Simple yet elegant.

This is a unique high-quality stripey stoneware bowl that you will be passing down the generations.

Completely handmade in Turin by Sonia Girotto of L’Officina.

What makes them unique is that just like the Vinyl Record bowl, every single bowl is individually wheel thrown whilst making use of white stoneware clay in combination with blue glaze painted in stripes on the outside all-by-hand.

The interior of the fruit bowl is actually glazed, so it’s great for using to eat soup from too. Not just holding fruit. They are built to last, fired in a high temp kiln they are incredibly robust and intended for day in day out use. They are certified as being safe to use for food, dishwasher, oven, and microwaves too.

Anyone who is trying to create a little rustic and vintage aspect to their home is going to truly adore this.

#3 The 12 Apples Fruit Basket

The 12 Apples fruit basket.

Is perhaps the most unique fruit bowl of them all.

It goes without saying too, that it is certainly our favourite and is a truly fantastic way of keeping your fruit together.

The fruit basket bowl is made by the French company Reine Mere, they’ve designed it in a way that makes the bowl almost appear that there is too much - and as a result, it is bursting at the seams.

It’s great for a dozen apples (hence the name) but grapes, oranges - bananas. You name it. Will certainly help you contribute towards your five a day or at least remind you of it due to its eye-catching design.

It’s actually made in Jura, France. Crafted from an Oak plywood form a sustainably managed forest, which is a given really, due to Reine Mere insisting on producing the most ethical products.

#4 Dotty Stoneware Bowl

Will you go dotty for this stoneware fruit bowl?

We know, we have.

Minimalistic and elegant, the Dotty like fruit bowl #2 was produced in Turin, Italy by L’Officna.

As you will know, no two bowls are ever the like.

They are produced by hand from the kiln all the way to decorating the bowl with dots itself. If you want to start investing in vintage pieces to create a characterful kitchen (and consequently home).

The dotted fruit bowl is a great choice to start with.

You will walk by it practically on a daily basis and admire the rustic charm and glamour that radiates.

Of course, if you know of any other unique fruit bowls that we should know about.

And if you have any queries or concerns with regards to any of the products, then just get in touch. We will be more than happy to help you.

Please get in touch, you can just leave a comment below in the comments section -- we’d love to see and check them out.


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