4 Vintage Gifts for the Home (You Can Pick Up Today) 4 Vintage Gifts for the Home (You Can Pick Up Today)

4 Vintage Gifts for the Home (You Can Pick Up Today)

4 Vintage Gifts for the Home (You Can Pick Up Today) 4 Vintage Gifts for the Home (You Can Pick Up Today)

4 Home Vintage Gifts

Looking to give a home that special vintage feel?

Then you have come to the right place.

At Mora Approved we specialise in European and vintage retro home decor pieces, but today.

We have picked out five our absolute favourite pieces that we think everyone should consider as a great gift to add to anyone’s home.

So let’s get to it.

A selection of what we think are the perfect vintage gifts for the home. Let us know which is your favourite int eh comments below. 

  1. Vintage Enamelware Kettle - Blue

This highly-popular royal blue teapot is a perfect gift for any brew lover who wants a classic vintage look. It oozes subtle charm.

It’s been an instant hit as soon as we started stocking it. It’s not hard to see why.

A beautiful shade of royal blue, this sweet French vintage enamelware teapot will look great in anyone’s home that’s trying to achieve that rustic vintage charm.

It’s also available in a range of other colours too, if it’s not quite to your taste.

It’s ideal for a cuppa of your favourite tea and a great novel for a laidback and easy Sunday morning. That, or when you are about to gorge out on a full-on English breakfast.  

  1. Enamel Pitcher


This pitcher easily goes down as one of the all-time favourite products we stock at Mora Approved.

It’s really hard to do it justice and until you get it there sitting on your tableside.

It’s subtle yet strikingly cool.

There is a fantastic vintage enamel element that was sourced from the South of France that boasts rustic vintage charge,

 Coated with a marbled blue and white background texture, it works great as an actual pitcher but we’ve taken it further to double up with actual flowers.

 It can make for a great centerpiece to bring the room to life. Ideal for those wanting to create a vintage ambiance in their living room or dining room as well as a functional item for the kitchen.

 A truly fantastic gift to give someone who wants to add that element of vintage to their home.

  1. Vintage Spice Rack

Looking for the perfect gift for a home for a vintage fanatic? 

Then really.

Look no further than this vintage spice rack. It’s a delightful piece set that will create an international vintage aspect to your home.

 It’s a charming set of five spice jars in addition to the wooden rack itself.

 They don’t just look the part either. They have vacuum lids that hermetically seal -- making sure that they actually store the goods.

Made in Italy, the pots and spice rack give an elegant appeal. It’s a low front for ease of use and open back, so it should nicely on most kitchen surfaces. A truly gorgeous gift for a friend or cook who wants to give their kitchen a vintage look.

  1. Vintage Ceramic Candle Stick


A truly striking candlestick.

Sourced from the Netherlands, more specifically Utrecht. It gives an unquestionable Nordic aspect and design to it but an overwhelmingly cool and stylish vintage piece. 

An ideal setting for a table or a bedside that wants ‘vintaging’ up a little.

It’s cream and blue and works well with a range of colours to create that certain spark.

If you are feeling particularly inventive you can double up its use. We’ve heard some customers are using it as a custom cake stand. 

So go ahead and add delight to your table with this frankly gorgeous candlestick come cake holder stand.

Explore more home vintage gifts

If there’s not anything here that takes your fancy.

Make sure that you explore the rest of our vintage gifts too -- you can do that right here in our vintage collection. We’ve got a whole range of options that could make for the perfect gift for someone’s home.

 Of course, if you have any questions or concerns.

Or just simply looking for some advice?

Then don’t hesitate to contact us - we might be able to find alternative vintage gifts for the home for you. 


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