7 Beautiful Vintage Wedding Gift Ideas 7 Beautiful Vintage Wedding Gift Ideas

7 Beautiful Vintage Wedding Gift Ideas

7 Beautiful Vintage Wedding Gift Ideas 7 Beautiful Vintage Wedding Gift Ideas

Vintage Wedding Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect vintage wedding gift to bring to an upcoming wedding that you have been invited to?

However, are in need of some vintage inspiration?

Then let us help.

At Mora Approved, we have come up with ten great gift ideas that have that vintage touch to them, however, are also perfect as a wedding setting.

1. Old Cuckoo Upcycled Vintage Vinyl Clock

To start.

This marvelous modern twist with vintage material to create a traditional time-piece.

This beautiful vintage cuckoo clock is an upcycled piece that has been laster cut by the Estonian Designer Pavel Sidorenko.

Through the use of recrafting pieces of vinyl, he has managed to form these gorgeous and fully functional wall clocks. Breathing new life into old school pieces. A fantastic option for those who want to gift something truly unique for a vintage wedding gift.

2. VINTAGE French Coffee Pot - Lemon

This is the perfect option for all those who love things vintage and love coffee (who also happens to be having a wedding).

Note that it is also available in Blue.

But, this lemon yellow inspired enamel french coffee pot oozes beautiful character and hails all the way from the South of France. The colour is really understated and it’s hard to capture an image.

This is a piece, that features in many a French kitchen.

And one that marries up incredibly well when you brew authentic French Coffee.

“Bring some French joie de vivre to your kitchen!”.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be strictly used as a coffee pot either. Stick some fresh flowers in along with some water and you’re on to a beautiful looking alternative vase.

3. VINTAGE Marbled Blue Enamel Pitcher

This pitcher is incredibly popular.

And is an absolute favourite amongst those looking for vintage home gifts.

So we definitely had to include it in this wedding vintage presents ideas too. It’s clear to see why.

Practical yet gorgeous.

A beautiful coated blue enamel that again, like the coffee pot above, is sourced right from the heart of Southern France and boasts an array of beautiful lining and outright rustic glamour.

Used to either contain refreshments for a dining room table or you could set a fresh bouquet of flowers into the pitcher. Making this for a fantastic centerpiece and give your home interior that slight french farmhouse feel.

4. VINTAGE Blue Striped Ceramic Candlestick

Sourced from the Utrecht but crafted in Denmark.

This candlestick boasts a beautiful Nordic design, style, and feel - which again double it up to more than it seems.

You can use it as a plate holder, cake holder and much more. It’s ideal for sitting in the middle of a dining table or on a nearby kitchen surface.

A truly gorgeous vintage style piece that is an absolute must-have for those wanting the unique yet vintage style edge to their table setting.

If you are looking for a truly unique wedding gift, it doesn’t come much more characterful than this ceramic candlestick.

5. VINTAGE French Spice Rack

A classic vintage rack of French Spice pots.

The perfect addition to any kitchen looking to go for that vintage-chic. Nothing does it quite like this rack.

Again, sourced from rustic France, however, produced in Italy - so it blends two beautiful international vintage cultures into one simple set.

Based in a sturdy and strong wooden vintage spice rack, it holds five spice jars that are just short of 15 cm. They are practical too. They contain a vacuum lid to hermetically seal and dry your store produce.

A truly gorgeous wedding gift.

Perfect for those who love all things vintage and is a keen cook too.

6. VINTAGE Small French Vase

This beautiful compact small vintage vase.

Although tiny, delivers a fantastic impact to the room and its surroundings.

Crafted from stoneware, it measures roughly 10 by 10 cm at its longest and widest point, so be able to fit into the smallest rooms and helps to project and ooze character.

A wedding gift that can boast some sentimental value. The design is a mottled pink marble and would look stunning amongst some of the gift ideas above too.

“Small but perfectly formed”.

7. PRRINT! Vintage Rome Print

Have they been to Rome?

Do they love vintage?

And prints?

If so, this is the perfect gift for them at any wedding. A truly picturesque image of Rome will take them back to a Roman holiday filled with hot air balloons drifting across the Colosseums on a chatterbox printed sheet.

Let them add some gorgeous Italian character to their home’s walls.

PRRINT! Are a Spanish company that helps bring new life to the old school vintage classic maps and documents, turning them into stylish and vintage unique prints to have throughout the home.

Make sure to check out the other great potential gifts that they have, which could be perfect as a wedding gift.  

Let us know if you have any questions with regards to any of the vintage wedding gift ideas that you have seen above.

If you have any products that you know of that would make for a great vintage gift option too -- we’ve love to hear it! Just let us know in the comments section down below.


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