The Easiest Christmas DIY Ever The Easiest Christmas DIY Ever

The Easiest Christmas DIY Ever

The Easiest Christmas DIY Ever The Easiest Christmas DIY Ever

 DIY Christmas Craft Project

We're crafting novices at Mora Approved. While we love reading endless blog posts about 'simple DIY projects', we're often pretty skeptical about their purported 'easy' factor. Like this DIY cityscape chair, for example. It looks amazing, but the process of cutting into plastic chairs would probably drive me to drink after three hours wrestling with the jigsaw. This project however, took me approximately 30 minutes from start to finish. And that includes stealing the branches from the local park and buying the silver spray paint (I thought about stealing the spray paint too, but that wouldn't have ended as well).

So are you ready for the world's easiest Christmas DIY? Here we go. 

You will need: 

* Various branchy sticks (try to find some with lots of little branches coming off the main sticks).

* Nerves of steel

* Lots of newspaper

* Matte silver spray paint

* Ribbon and/or various Christmas accoutrements (small baubles etc.)

* A big vase

The process:

Step 1. Go into your local park and pretend to stare at some interesting dead sticks. Look around nervously for any park rangers. (Tip: If they're in fluorescent vests, wait until they leave before the next step). Grab a big handful of dead sticks and quickly but confidently stroll out of the park like you mean it.

Step 2. Go somewhere outdoors when it's not raining or windy. Make sure you're wearing clothes that could be improved with a splatter of silver spray paint (ie. everything you own). Lay out the newspaper and put the branches on top. 

Step 3. Attack the branches with the spray. (Tip: Pretend its pepper spray and the branches are a mugger).

Step 4. Put something heavy on the bottom of the branches and wait for that side to dry. It should take about ten minutes. 

Step 5. Flip the branches over and repeat step 3 on the other side.

Step 6. Wait another ten minutes. 

Step 7. Et voila! Display the branches in a pretty vase and tie ribbons and various other Christmas decorations onto them. 

So taking into account the £5 for the silver spray paint, this project cost me...£5. That's a pretty great deal if you ask me! Happy branch stealing and spraying!



Branches have been displayed in our vintage enamel pitcher against our Joho! Every Year Calendar


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