Leather Childrens Doggy Shoes

€29.95 EUR

Doggy Leather Shoes for Babies, Toddlers & Children

These little doggy shoes are made for little feet! Crafted from super-soft fine leather, these beautifully hand-made 'elefant' children’s shoes from Ukrainian craftsman, Pavel Ganzha, will make a wonderful gift for a newborn or toddler. 

You'll love that each pair is hand made in butter-soft leather and that the high cut will help them stay on wriggly feet! The smiling dog design is adorably perfect for little fans of man's best friend!

The shoes are hand washable and are available in three sizes - 

0-6 months 4.5 inches (11.5 CM) foot length up to 10.8cm (4.25 inches)

6-12 months 5.1 inches (13.0 CM) foot length up to 12.3cm (4.8 inches)

12-18 months 5.5 inches (14.0 CM) foot length up to 13.3cm (5.25 inches)

For gifts, we recommend buying one size up to accommodate for growing feet!

So go on, treat a newborn or a toddler to a pair of gorgeous Mora Approved leather shoes all the way from Ukraine!

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