How to avoid other tourists - Amsterdam

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How to avoid the other tourists - Amsterdam
It is not just a summary of all the hotspots in Amsterdam, it is composed by and Amsterdam. Familiar places and unknown places Amsterdam represent where the real Amsterdam life. The funniest, most beautiful and exclusive but also most ordinary restaurants, shops, bars, art and entertainment come together in this book. A Guide to detect as little as possible tourist spots, throw the joint road, off the typical Amsterdam hat and set off as genuine Amsterdam.

"Although Amsterdam might or at remind you of Disneyland in terms of its crowds, do not be fooled by the rental bikes in bright green, yellow or red colors, the winter caps with 'Amsterdam' written on them in bold letters or the coffee shops with Dutch treats. Whereas Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck head back home after closing, Amsterdammers actually live in Amsterdam. Therefore it is more interesting to show you where Amsterdammers shop, drink, eat or relax rather than treating it as an amusement park. I can hear you guys thinking 'my god, another local guide was about to try and reinvent the wheel. " Although I can not deny it's a local guide, this guide takes a different approach."

Both have a great book to know the city for tourists and residents of Amsterdam. And not the typical tourists tractors, but the hidden places, new bars, parks, streets and shops.

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Author: Nina van der Weiden
Editors: Catherine Blom-Smith
Illustrator: Mieke de Roo
Type: With illustrations
Language: English
Dimensions: 22x212x210 mm
Weight: 512.00 grams
Pressure: 1