THE DISSIDENT Minimalist Wallet

€75.00 EUR

As featured on prominent style blogs: Moco Loco, Cool Material, The Fancy, Materialicious, Wad Mag, Tech.Mike Shouts, and Designeast, Russian brand The Dissident has happily given us a lesson in practical origami, launching a one-piece leather wallet that is minimalism at it's finest. This is a hand-crafted leather wallet is devoid of stitching, plastic windows, fastening hardware or any other details you’ve come to expect in your run-of-the-mill wallet. Measuring 30cm when open and 9cm when shut, the leather is a sturdy 2.5mm thick, so it's durable yet flexible enough to perform the simple folds necessary to keep all your cards and cash intact. 

A perfect gift for the stylish man or woman who doesn’t buy into the unnecessary fuss.