Olive Silver Salad Servers

€79.95 EUR

After you've drizzled your salad with olive oil, you'll enjoy serving it up with these gorgeous olive branch salad servers! Inspired by the elegant lines of an olive branch, these timeless salad servers make a fabulous gift and are the perfect touch for any dinner party.

The olive silver salad servers measure 30.5cm long. They're crafted from brass which has been coated in matt silver using the foundry technique - allowing more freedom for organic shapes. The silver is approximately 6 microns in thickness.


Blue Leaves is a French silverware company dedicated to providing beautiful tableware for customers who like to cultivate ‘l’art de vivre’ while seeking an affordable luxury. Their inspiration is derived from the observation of nature - graceful lines and emotive shapes combined with the refinement of jewellery making. 

This high-quality salad server is a Mora Approved product through and through!

Postage Weight: 0.6kg