Soapstone Whiskey Cubes

€12.50 EUR

Soapstone - Whiskey Cubes

For whiskey purists, there’s no other way to keep your beverage cold. Keep these Finnish soapstone cubes in the freezer for when you want to enjoy a cold drink without diluting it with melted ice.

This whisky set contains ten soapstone cubes, each measuring 2 x 2 x 2 cm. It is not only useful for whiskey, but for other drinks you need to keep cold without ice. Or why not pop a few cubes into a salsa sauce or dip to keep it cool? Either way, it's a great housewarming gift for true beverage connosieurs! 

Finnish soapstone is imbued with capabilities to withstand the harsh Nordic environment. Formed in the Finnish mountains over millions of years, it can handle the extreme heat and freezing cold, retaining its surrounding temperature for a great amount of time after exposure. Despite the malleability of the stone, it does not absorb any liquid or taste nor pass on its own. For this reason Finnish soapstone is a perfect tool in food preparation and storage.

Any product that preserves the taste and distinction of a good beverage is approved by us!