Idea Upcycled Vintage Vinyl Clock

Pavel Sidorenko


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Any time is idea time with this quirky wall clock! Estonian designer Pavel Sidorenko has taken the humble vinyl record and crafted it into a clock that would be striking on any wall. 

Measuring roughly 20cm x 10cm, this quirky clock displays a laser-cut silhouette of a light bulb with wings. Please note that as the clocks are made from vintage vinyls, the inner label is likely to vary from the one pictured. If you would like a specific label/colour, please let us know before purchasing.

By rescuing abandoned vinyls and turning them into these beautiful, functional, and quirky clocks, Sidorenko has breathed a new life into something that would have otherwise wound up in landfill. The beauty of this piece is that while it’s crafted to portray a quirky idea-based design, it still retains the grooves and record labels reminiscent of yesterday’s vinyl hits.

These clocks are Mora Approved because they’re expertly crafted in Estonia and are a beautiful way to rescue and re-live the magic of yesterday’s vinyl records. A great housewarming gift to the music fiend in your life!



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