Leather Children's Strawberry Shoes

€29.95 EUR

Leather Strawberry Shoes for Babies, Toddlers & Children

They love strawberries on their plate, so why not on their toes? These beautifully-made children's shoes are crafted from super-fine leather by Ukrainian craftsman, Pavel Ganzha, and will make a wonderful gift for a newborn or toddler. 

But it's not just the butter-soft leather you'll fall for, it's been designed with practicality and aesthetics at heart, with a high cut to help the strawberry shoes stay on wriggly feet and loose elastic around the ankle for extra comfort. A great shoe for future style seekers!

These strawberry shoes are a two-toned 'TOMS' style shoe, with a white leather base and a red trip around the back of the ankle - all fininshed off with a delectable strawberry. They're available in three sizes:

0-6 months 4.5 inches (11.5 CM) foot length up to 10.8cm (4.25 inches)

6-12 months 5.1 inches (13.0 CM) foot length up to 12.3cm (4.8 inches)

12-18 months 5.5 inches (14.0 CM) foot length up to 13.3cm (5.25 inches)

For gifts, we recommend buying one size up to accomodate for growing feet!

So go on, treat a newborn or a toddler to a pair of gorgeous Mora Approved leather shoes all the way from Ukraine!

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