Childrens Blue Leather Shoes

€29.95 EUR

Blue Leather Shoes for Babies, Toddlers & Children

Style is not just an adult concept! These beautifully simple dark blue leather shoes are devoid of any unnecessary detail, so your bubba can let their outfit steal the show! Crafted from super-soft fine leather, these beautifully hand-made children’s shoes from Ukrainian craftsman, Pavel Ganzha, will make a wonderful gift for a newborn or toddler. 

Made from butter-soft leather, the high cut will help the shoes stay on wriggly feet and the loose elastic around the ankle is extra comfortable. A great shoe for future style seekers!

These shoes are a two-toned 'TOMS' style shoe, with dark blue across the top and tan brown across the bottom. The sole of the shoe is also made of natural leather and the entire shoe is finished with tan brown stitching. They're available in three sizes:

0-6 months 4.5 inches (11.5 CM) foot length up to 10.8cm (4.25 inches)

6-12 months 5.1 inches (13.0 CM) foot length up to 12.3cm (4.8 inches)

12-18 months 5.5 inches (14.0 CM) foot length up to 13.3cm (5.25 inches)

For gifts, we recommend buying one size up to accomodate for growing feet!

So go on, treat a newborn or a toddler to a pair of gorgeous Mora Approved leather shoes all the way from Ukraine!