Wall Mount Deluxe Reindeer

€220.00 EUR

The stylish Garden Glory wall mount deluxe reindeer is a trendy and unique product for your house wall. The reindeer wall mount is a luxurious wall mount inspired by reindeer antlers and are also produced in Sweden. Together with hoses and nozzles from Garden Glory you can create a personal and glamorous garden tool that makes the gardening more fun. Who said that functional things always must be boring?

The idea of Garden Glory was born when Linda Brattlöf moved to a country house and realized that all hoses were green and orange. Linda wanted to have garden tools that could inspire her to go out and create a marvelous garden and took matters into her own hands. Her brand Garden Glory produces exclusive and high quality hoses with a fun twist with the motto “For glamorous people with dirty nails”.

Material: Powder coated aluminum.

Postage Weight: 2kg