Paistokas Frystone

€79.95 EUR

This is a must-have for true foodies! The Hukka Paistokas is a hot plate made of soapstone which allows you easily and simply cook and season your food at the table!

Simply heat up the fry stone in the oven, serve it on the cork mat and have your guests cook their meat and vegetables at the table to their own liking! Or perhaps you want to keep your meal piping hot? Serve it up on the table over the fry stone and your food will stay warm for hours! It's perfect for those long family dinners where every wants a second serve. So why not give it as a gift to your foodie friend? Or host a mini bbq party in the comfort of your living room?

Crafted by experienced soapstone craftsmen in Tuupovaara in north eastern Finland, the fry stone measures 22cm in diameter, and 1.5mm thick. The cork plate is 27cm in diameter and 2cm thick. 

Finnish soapstone is imbued with capabilities to withstand the harsh Nordic environment. Formed in the Finnish mountains over millions of years, it can handle the extreme heat and freezing cold, retaining its surrounding temperature for a great amount of time after exposure. Despite the malleability of the stone, it does not absorb any liquid or taste nor pass on its own. For this reason Finnish soapstone is a perfect tool in food preparation and storage.

We love the Hukka Paistokas Frystone because it elegantly harnesses the power of nature to cook your food and keep it hot. And that's a pretty powerful tool in the kitchen right there.

Postage weight: 1.2kg