Bookshelf 12cm

€50.00 EUR

Minimalist Bookshelf

Piniwini is a small wall-mounted peg that works like a shelf for books, magazines, CDs and DVDs. The ingenious patented design makes it look as though they are perfectly balanced on top of the peg!

Karl Andersson & Söner produce furniture that reflects the skill and precision of craftsmen. Here, we present a selection of classic designs that Karl Andersson & Söner have been producing for decades, alongside new furniture and interior details in a variety of different designs. All Swedish classics of the highest quality, designed to survive generations of use and wear.

Material: Metal parts in brushed stainless steel, and peg in black
Max. load 10 kg.
Available in two depths: 12 and 17.5cm

Postage Weight 0.5kg