MORA APPROVED VINTAGE 1920's Dutch Droste Cacao Collectible Tin

€30.00 EUR
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Have you ever heard of the 'Droste Effect'? It's an illustration style where an image appears within itself in a place where a similar picture would realistically appear. While it sounds like the plot for Inception, it was the inspiration for MC. Escher's mind-bending drawings in the 1950's - the most famous being the never ending stairs of Relativity

Now you can own a famous piece of history with a vintage tin that's estimated to be at least 70 years old. Vintage Droste Cacao tins are coveted the world over for their inticate lithographs and that famous Droste Effect illustration. This one was sourced in a little-known flea market in Amsterdam. 
This Droste Cacao tin is in remarkable condition considering it's well over 70 years old. Though it does show a few nicks and scratches from age, the colours are still wonderfully vibrant and it is entirely useable. On two sides there is the world-famous image of the nurse holding a tray with a tin of Droste Cacao (which in turn features the image of the nurse...and so on!). The other side showcases the intricate seal of Droste along with all the awards the company had won. The final side features the beautiful Droste Cacao logo along with the description, 'DROSTE'S CACAO & CHOCOLADEFABRIEKEN, HAARLEM HOLLAND'. The top of the lid also features the same seal with the words 'AU CACAOYER' and 'FABRIEKSMERK'. 
This vintage tin measures 15cm tall and is 8cm x 8cm in breadth and depth. The tin advertises 1/2 kilo capacity. It features a hinged lid - which Droste stopped producing approximately 70 years ago (hence how we can estimate its age!).
This is a wonderful opportunity to own a piece of Dutch history and culture; and Mora Approved is so pleased to have sourced it as part of our Mora Approved Vintage collection. The tin would look beautiful proudly showcased in the kitchen (maybe holding some sweets?) or in the living room as a centrepiece. A collector's dream!