For anyone out there with an artistic mind-set, it can be quite hard to buy gifts to suit their personality. Often creative and out-there in terms of their thinking and mind-set, the vast majority of artists are people who are very hard to find a good quality item for. That’s why we recommend that if you are trying to buy for an artist that you take the following ideas into mind.

They might just help you to buy them a gift that is going to perfectly suit their mind-set and disposition. While some of these gifts will merely be something to make them smile and thank you for your thoughtfulness, others will be genuinely useful to their artistic craft and their desire to be better artists.

Whether your gift simply helps them to take more coffee breaks or it helps them to improve their artwork, each of these following 22 gifts for artists should go some way to improving their self-confidence and self-esteem accordingly. What, though, matters when it comes to ensuring your artistic friends can be left with the perfect range of items to benefit from?

What are some of the best gifts for artists to enjoy?


Leather Pencil Case

This simple and effective leather pencil case is a fine starting point for any gift that you buy for someone of an artistic mind-set. It will work as a very good gift for making them feel positive and progressive, but it will also be useful to them.

The full grain leather looks fantastic, while it can easily be adjusted and personalised. A fine starting point when you are looking for a more creative gift that your recipient is likely to appreciate.


Pencil Organiser

Similar to the above, this easy to use pencil organiser makes a fine choice for numerous reasons. It looks good, it feels good, and it can easily be carried around in just about any conventional artistic set. You can even include their name on it, meaning that no other artist is likely to mistake it for their own.

A fine choice of gift that any artist should enjoy thanks to its practical usefulness.


Brush Holder

Not every artist uses pens and pencils alone, though. That’s why this brush holder is the perfect complement to the items that came previous. We recommend that you use something like a brush holder as a simple choice to help give them the kind of artistic present that you just know is going to be of positive use to them.

Good quality artistic items are always important, which is why we recommend you buy a brush holder set to help them preserve said quality. 


Paint and Water Pots

A good choice for a solid gift that any artist will love, of course, is a set of paint and water pots. These look excellent, and they provide you with a meaningful gift that any artist will be able to get some genuine use from. It’s a fine choice of gift and one that should be well-received, but also one that should draw a few laughs from the recipient.

Stylish, suitable, functional, and very-much useful indeed! 


Oversized Paint Mugs

These could be used either for paint brushes or for enjoying the world’s largest selection of coffee and tea from. This oversized paint mugs set is a smart and simple choice; the kind that should really make a big difference if you choose to pick it up. It’s going to be the kind of simple gift that your artist friend might already have a few of, but a good artist can always make use of new mugs anyway! 


Artists Aprons

When you are buying for an artist, it pays to remember just how messy their work can be. With the help of this waterproof apron, you can give your artistic friend something truly inspiring to work in and to use as their working attire for a long time to come. An exciting, stylish, and inventive choice of item that should almost certainly put them in the mood to create.

Pick this up, and you’ll know you’ve got something truly awesome for him/her!


Japanese Kintsugi Kit

Of course, sometimes an artist might wish to delve into something new and challenging when it comes to their artwork. One of the best forms of art to get anyone in to the mood of would be a DIY kintsugi Kit. Pick this up, and you can give just about any artist friend in the world the perfect opportunity to refresh and revamp their entire collection of artwork.

It could be perfect for turning broken old pieces of ceramic back into something that can genuinely be used, so look it up if you wish to help an artist make something special of what they already have! 


Artistic mug

Of course, not every gift for artists is going to be immediately useful to their artwork. It could, though, be useful to their breaks. For example, this stylish painting mug might just capture the mood and mind-set of any artist as perfectly as it is likely to be captured.

A fine mug for them to enjoy drinking from as they come up with their next masterpiece craftwork.


F*cking great artist mug

We all know that artists love to have a bit of self-confidence, and why not?

Well, with this great artist mug, you can help just about any artist get their self-belief and their verve back in a matter of moments. Pick up this artist mug and you will soon remind any artist who is wondering how good they really are what the world thinks of their quality and their work. It’s the ideal choice of anyone looking to really create an artistic choice of gift!


Personal world map

A good choice of gift is to find that spot in the world that means the most to your artistic friend and get a map recreation of it made like this. Simply select the colour and dimensions and then tell the person where you are going to have it taken from, and they can get the shot of the map made up and delivered to you. It’s the height of artistic imagery! 


I Arted T-shirt

A bit of quality artwork can go into the creation of a good t-shirt, and this is both stylish and comical at the same time. This I Arted t-shirt is a good play on words, and it’s sure to give any friends with a love of being creative a smile and a laugh as they see it.

Pick this up and you can soon give the individual recipient the ideal choice of gift; something that they should find both funny and endearing. 


Palette Earrings

Sticking on the personal garments theme for a moment, what about a pair of palette earrings?

Such earrings make a fine choice for numerous reasons, not least the fact that they can be so comfortable and easy to wear. They look good, they feel good, and they tend to add a touch of artistic brightness and charm to their finished look. A fine piece of artistic jewellery for any artiste!

Of course, there are many choices when it comes to this kind of product. Another similar edition is this more colourful palette earring set. It throws in a happy dashing of colour and ensures that the whole image retains the brightness and charm that you would be hoping for when you are buying an artist a gift. It’s a good choice of product for numerous reasons, especially if they tend to favour bronze over silver. 


Salvador Dali Keychain

Something a bit more unique and sophisticated is always good, but so too is a classic little Salvador Dali keychain. A big hit with many artists, a little keychain representing the hero of all things artistic and stylish will be a very impressive choice indeed for any artistic mind.

This is sure to be one of those gifts that you are unsure of when you buy, until you see their reaction to it, that is!


Artists keyring

A good choice of keyring if you want something a bit less abstract and childlike, though, is this artists keyring. It looks good and it feels good, offering you the ideal choice for anyone who wants a cool little touch of personality and charm. You can even ad in some extras, such as letters and personalisation, if you so choose. Either way, it makes a very interesting and endearing little gift to hand over to anyone you are buying for. 


Watercolour paint set

If you want to get them something properly practical though, this watercolour paint set makes an excellent choice. It’s an excellent pick for all manner of reasons, and it’s one of the main reasons why we recommend that you look to pick up a watercolour paint set for any artist who likes to paint with watercolours.

Even if they are still just branching out, this makes a thoughtful and cool little gift they will 100% appreciate upon arrival.


Leather artist case

This solid all-purpose leather artist case can be used for carrying just about anything that you might want or wish in the one location. It’s a good choice of case for various reasons, not least the fact that it looks so stylish and impressive. It’s a fine pick of case for those who are looking for something a bit more stylish but aren’t quite sure where to go in terms of buying a particular gift.


Van Gogh Washi Tape

Great for artists who are looking to use tape in their works, this Van Gogh washi tape could be used to help add a creative finish or even just to help you make sure you can always get that finished line for your artwork. It’s a good choice of product when you want to give an artist something they can get a lot of genuine use from as they go about creating the latest masterpiece that they have in mind. 


Leather sketchbook

If you want to keep things nice and professional, though, you could help them to keep all of their favourite items and sketches in the one place with this leather sketchbook. It’s a fine choice of book for numerous reasons, not least because it can be modified and customised to fit in with just about any personality that you can think of.

It’s an excellent choice for a creative present that has a genuinely fitting use, as well.


Art Journal

This easy to use watercolour art journal is a fantastic choice for numerous reasons, not least the fact that it’s easy to work with. It’s a stylish piece of journalistic attire that can easily be used to help an artist feel even more confident about the quality of the work that they are capable of producing. A must-give to any artist who needs a proper pick-me-up and some reaffirmation about how good the work they produce actually is.


Butterfly journal

Similar to the above, this butterfly journal would be a fine choice for any artists who are either younger in age or specifically passionate about the world of nature. It’s an excellent choice for numerous reasons; the kind of choice that should really make it easy to give over a gift with a genuine meaning and presence this year.

It’s one that any artist should enjoy getting, too; an excellent place to store their thoughts without anyone finding them out. 


Artistic Necklace

Of course, you might want to just finish off with something nice and simple. This artistic necklace is a fine representation of their love and their passion: art. It makes a creative and engaging choice of product, and one that they can really enjoy working with when it comes to finishing off an artistic-themed design or theme they are going for in their dress style.

Artists can be hard people to buy for, but as you can see it does not always have to be so tough. With some great gifts for artists above, where will you start?  

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