When it comes to getting a tattoo, we often have many ideas that float around in our heads. The concept of getting a tattoo that is based around the kintsugi, though, can seem a touch abstract. Kintsugi is an ancient form of repair that was first conceptualised in Japan. Instead of replacing something broken, such as a vase, you use a strong substance to connect the broken parts back together. Then, any gaps are filled-in with the material – often a glue-like substance that is enhanced with gold or silver colouring.

The gaps and the cracks are then shown in the form of the kintsugi material, helping to show exactly where the damage took place previously. So, how can this lead to you getting a kintsugi tattoo?

Kintsugi is something that represents our desire to showcase your journey in life, and to never hide our scars. Why, then, is a kintsugi tattoo a good idea?

A kintsugi tattoo can show off your journey like never before

One of the most important things to think about when getting a tattoo is how it relates to you personally. While many get something generic, others use tattoos to show off something a bit more specific about who they are personally. By getting a kintsugi tattoo, you show yourself as someone who appreciates the value of development and rebirth.

If you are someone who tends to find that life is easier when you simply press ahead, then a kintsugi tattoo is a great investment. The tattoo could even be of something that you broke and then repaired using kintsugi. Whatever the purpose or the reason, though, you will find that a kintsugi tattoo is a very wise investment indeed.

They feel great to design, too, giving you a more abstract way to show off your worldview and your ideas. They make a fine choice for various reasons, but the primary reason is the philosophical aspect. Given the meaning behind kintsugi, a kintsugi tattoo is an easy way to show the world that you follow this particular way of thinking.

A kintsugi tattoo is something that quickly shows others that you value the journey. That you understand that, along the way, it is easy to be hurt and harmed. Therefore, you should probably find that kintsugi is an easy way to explain to people that you do not look to hide your story.

Your scars, your smashes, if you will, are part of who you are. Hiding them and pretending they do not exist means simply hiding from a large part of who you are personally. With that in mind, then, why not focus on finding a solution?

A kintsugi tattoo is an easy way to start up a conversation about the importance of balance, self-discovery, and working out who you are and what you wish to do in your life. So, if you want to be someone who is proud of who they are and how they got here, having a kintsugi tattoo is a very wise idea.


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