The Japanese reparation technique of kintsugi is not just a form of repair but a form of transformation. It allows anything that has been damaged to be put back together, but to also show off the scars of its damage. Instead of trying to hide from the fact that something is broken, kintsugi instead embraces the change. Why does this matter? Because it creates something that is very easy to identify with.

We all have falls in our life, and we all get back up again. Kintsugi is almost a philosophy, as opposed to just a form of repair. What, though, are some of the best kintsugi quotes?  What sums this process up the best?

How can you ensure that you are able to remind yourself of the power of kintsugi when you need that support and peace in your life?

Famous kintsugi quotes worth remembering

  1. “"A break is something to remember, something of value, a way to make the piece more beautiful, rather than something to disguise. They use gold, not invisible superglue because mistakes shouldn’t be considered ugly." – Penny Reid
  2. "Kintsugi [is] not just a method of repair but also a philosophy. It’s the belief that the breaks, cracks, and repairs become a valuable and esteemed part of the history of an object, rather than something to be hidden. That, in fact, the piece is more beautiful for having been broken." - Kathleen Tessaro
  3. My heart is full of gold veins, instead of cracks.” – Leah Rider
  4. Kintsugi symbolizes how we must incorporate our wounds into who we are, rather than try to merely repair and forget them." – David Wong
  5. "Why be broken when you can be gold?" - Sarah Rees Brennan
  6. "The scars are the design. Your attention is drawn to the cracks and how they are mended. That is what you’re supposed to see. The beauty is in the brokenness." - Justin Whitmel Earley

As you can see, then, kintsugi is far more than just a way to repair something. It is a way to embrace change, to show the world that progress comes from change, and to always remember that change is something to search out. Progression often changes how we look, and plays a key role in the story that we have developed throughout the history of our lives.

While you might not be a vase, you, like a broken piece of pottery, should never settle for hiding your scars. Your flaws, your history, your life? This should be something that you not only remember, but embrace wholesale. Keep this in mind, as there is nothing better than realising that progress and change are not things to fear, but things to welcome.

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