Out mothers are without doubt some of the most important people in our lives. For most of us, they are the most important. Whether you are your mother’s daughter or a momma’s boy, you will likely hold a unique connection to your mother. All that she has done for you to help you to get to where you are today – how can you properly commemorate all that she has done to help you make the most of life? It’s tough!

That’s why when you go for a second rate gift for your mother, you often feel more than a tinge of guilt. And while it can be hard to buy for our mothers due to their nature, we always want to get them something genuinely meaningful. Is that hard to get right? Of course it is. Our mothers always want us to keep our money for ourselves, to spend it on someone else. That often leads to basic, simple, or last-minute gifts. 

When you want to break the mould and give your mother something that will make her laugh and cry with equal measure, though, you often need to get a bit more creative with your decision making. Where, then, should you start?

We’ve got some great ideas for you listed below. They are a list of 10 unusual gifts for mum that should be almost certain to give her the happiness and the comfort that she needs to know you care. It will let you show your mother that you get her, that you appreciate everything she does for you, and that she knows you understand what she loves most.

The challenge, though, is buying something that avoids being too much of a cliché. What’s the best way to do that? Let us show you!


Childhood Memento

While this one takes a bit of creativity, do you ever remember when you were a child and your mother would have those cute naming boards above your room?

Well with this childhood baby name puzzle, you can make up a little board name just like you used to have. It’s a novelty gift of course, but it is one that your mother should really like getting. It’s something small and simple, but it will be a nice throwback to the days when you were just a toddler running around in your nappies while she chased you around the place! 


Family Tree Frame

The family is something that means the world to any mother, and helping to map out the beauty of your family should be fun. This family tree frame, is likely going to be the ideal choice of family tree frame if you need something special like that. Not only will you find that such a frame can be really useful for offering your mother a different gift, but you will find it offers a meaningful memento.

Map out each of the names of your family, and watch her eyes light up as she looks over this beautiful little family memento.


Paper Rose

If you want to make sure your mother is left with wet eyes, then get her this grand little paper rose. It’s the ideal choice for handing over something that your mother is sure to love looking at. Pick out a top quality family photo, or perhaps even a photo of your mother and father. It will be a good family choice photo, but also the kind of gift that any mother should be able to look upon with happiness and pride.

Why not make sure your mother has gifts that truly mean something valuable to her?


Family Portrait

Sometimes, there are parts of the family who are less  human than others. Take the beloved family dog for example; does your mother have the kind of bond with the dog that she does with everyone else?

Then help her to mark that by getting a custom dog portrait made up. These awesome portrait designs will come to life and give your mother something truly special to look at and smile upon. The ideal choice of gift to help any mother know just how much the whole family means to her; a watercolour sketch she’ll simply adore! 


What about some Kintsugi art?

Of course, if you want to make your mother really proud, why not buy her something truly unique?

For example, why not invest in a Kintsugi Art Kit for her? These have become very popular, and with good reason. Kintsugi art, if you are not used to it, is a form of Japanese repair that is often applied to ceramic products. When they become broken or damaged, people will turn to Kintsugi art to help repair along the cracks and the damage. This not only products a positive looking finish, but it helps to make sure that the ceramic dish is not lost needlessly.

Most importantly, though, kintsugi art is all about one thing: showing that we do not have to hide our imperfections. While western standards of repair often try to make something look ‘as good as new’, kintsugi art is different. It takes something that has been physically broken, and it turns it into something far more unique and enjoyable. That’s a big reason why so many mothers will get a nice less from kintsugi art.

Not only do they get to enjoy the art of rebirth, but they get to enjoy being able to make something out of an item that they already had. Given that mothers often are at their happiest when they get to use something they already own and turn it into something else, we are sure that she will be delighted.

Buying for a mother can be hard work, often strenuous. With the help of this simple solution, you can make sure that your mothers gets back exactly what she needs, when she needs it. What could be more apt than making sure your mother can enjoy the beauty of some unique and creative art in future? 


Mother Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall – who is the favourite child of them all?

Well, you! Especially when you hand over this awesome mother mirror. Creative and stylish, this interesting mirror is going to be just what your momma needs to help her know what she means to you. It’s a high-end Swarovski crystal infused mirror that is the ideal way to show your mother what you mean to her.

The bond between a mother and daughter is often unbreakable. With this mirror, you will get to provide that to your mother without any issues whatsoever.


Wooden Keyring

When your mother is the glue that holds your house together, the final piece of the jigsaw, you should let her know. And what better way to tell her than with this awesome Mother’s Day jigsaw piece keyring?

It’s a beautiful, attentive choice of keyring that should go a long, long way to making sure that your mother feels happy, confident, and comfortable. It’s a little memento that should make her smile every time she gets her keys out of her bag. On top of that, it’s the kind of wooden keyring that should really make her feel complete! 


Memory Box

A brilliant choice of gift for any mother is this awesome memory box. Fill it with sentimental items that make your mother smile and make her realise just how much she means to you. Add in little moments from your childhood that involve your mother, the moments which mean the most to you. And when you hand that over to you mother, the memories should all come flooding back.

Life is all about making sure that those closest to you know exactly what you feel about them. These memory boxes make that much easier to make clear!


Blanket scarf

Any mother will appreciate getting a nice blanket scarf. Help your mother to look wonderful and unique with this adorable blanket scarf design; the kind of oversized scarf that you know will keep her plenty comfortable. It’s a rich choice of attire that just about any mother should enjoy wearing, and it should go some way to helping your mother enjoy a new kind of look.

If your mother is someone who likes to dress up and look good at all times, then help her out in her quest to do so with a blanket scarf packed with meaning.


For You Wine Label

When we have our mums in our lives, we often feel like they should be their own personal shopping brand. You can help your mother to feel like that by getting her access to this gift wine label. It’s a fine choice of gift that you could plank onto a bottle of wine, something that you know she loves, to let her know exactly what she feels to you.

This is what gifts are all about; making your mother feel like she is truly someone special. So, why not let her enjoy her own unique brand of wine delivered in a bottle she might recognise, but in a label she’s never tried before? 

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