We have all been there – the vase that you love so much and use every year has been smashed. It was dropped on the floor, and has now smashed into three distinctive pieces. You cannot find every last part of the material, though, so even if put back together it would be filled with gaps and the like. What can you do? Most would throw the vase out and start again. However, have you ever thought about creating a kintsugi vase instead?

A kintsugi vase is a vase that has been pieced back together using the Japanese technique of kintsugi. This artistic form of repair uses what is called ‘golden joinery’ by some to stitch the product back together. That old vase could soon be pieced back into place, using the powerful connecting material of kintsugi. This gold (or silver) material then essentially creates design lines that work their way through the product.

A kintsugi vase is unique because the way that a vase smashes is nigh-impossible to then replicate. As such, the lacquer product that is used is then powdered with gold or silver to help add a clear dividing line. This shows the original vase as it was, but also shows the new features added by your own handiwork.

Instantly, you turn that vase from a smashed piece of home décor to something that carries your own artistic weight and charm. For many, this adds history and value to the vase.

A kintsugi vase is not something to hide away

When you invest in something as engaging as kintsugi, you will soon realise that repairs are to be embraced, not hidden from. Damage done to a product like a vase should not be hidden away. Instead, it should be shown to the world; this is now part of the history of the vase. The fact that it has survived is even more impressive.

It treats something breaking and/or repairing as part of the history of the item itself. So, this vase goes from being another mass-produced product that became a family heirloom over time to actually having its own unique design. You cannot buy a kintsugi vase in the store that will look the same as your product. The lines, the lacquer, even the colour of the powder…this is all unique to your own vase.

So, instead of always having to settle for a replacement bought from the store, use kintsugi. Piece back together what you can, and fill in the gaps with lacquer. This adds an inventive way to help restore something back to perfect usage, whilst adding a story to tell to anyone who happens to come across this kintsugi vase in your home!

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