When it comes to buying a gift for our sisters, we can often find it hard to keep things unique.

Usually, we know our sisters so well that we can actually find it hard to buy them something meaningful. While that might sound somewhat paradoxical, it’s a common problem that we need to deal with. When you feel like you cannot get the right kind of gif to give to your sister, though, you can often improvise in the worst ways. From buying something generic to something thoughtless, you can do more harm than good with the wrong kind of gift.

That’s why if you are having problems in buying a gift, we recommend that you take a look at our ideas below. This will cover 10 unusual gifts for sisters that should make your shopping a bit less frantic this year. It might not make it possible for you to find something exactly to fit your sister, but it should go some way to making sure you can spend more time seeing her smile.

After all, it’s her big day. The best thing that you can do is pick a gift that is going to make that special day more memorable. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, a promotion, a pregnancy, or anything else, you want to get her something special. But you also want to get her something that shows her how much she means to you, right?

That means making some intelligent choices and buying her something a bit more unusual. And while every sister is her own woman, we can often something that is going to tug on the heartstrings of just about any female. Need a hand in making a choice? Here are 10 unusual gifts for sisters that should help. 


Rakhi necklace 

A good place to start with when you want something a bit more unique is some personalised Rakhi. They look great and they offer something a fair bit different to what you would normally go for. With a Rakhi necklace, you can often make a big difference simply by taking a look at the kind of style of persona that your sister is. 

You can make it say something that is meaningful to you both; perhaps a memento of something that you both loved as kids?

Whatever you go for, you will find that a Rakhi necklace will be a fine choice for making sure that you can hand over something a bit more meaningful for this event.


Lariat necklace

When you are looking to buy a necklace or a pendant to give to your sister, take a look at this custom lariat. It’s a wonderful choice of gift when your aim is to give them something that stands out from their usual jewellery collection. You can often give them something that they might not normally have access to when they are buying jewellery.

It could be a quality memento of the kind of history that you have both shared together. As a morse code necklace, who knows what message you could be sending to one another?

It’s the ideal choice for a sibling who means the world to you, and who keeps your secrets! 


Amber bead gift

When your main aim is to find something with a unique cultural imprint that is going to make a positive impact, this is the ideal place to start. It’s a high quality amber bead gift that is almost certain to make the right kind of impression on your sister. She’ll love the cultural depth of the image that is stored within, and she’ll also get to appreciate the richness and the vastness of the detail stored within the amber.

Out of all the gifts that you could buy her, few will carry the unicity and the beauty of this little piece of nature. It’s an awesome bead that should really go a way to ensuring it’s a gift she cherishes for good.


Floral necklace

Again, your sister is someone who you should shower with both material and spiritual love. One of the best ways to show her what she means to you, though, is to show her that love is natural. This floral necklace is just what you need when you are looking to really make a positive impression. It’s going to go a long way to making sure that you have a necklace that your sister can wear to formal events and family events; something that shows the natural love between you both.Sibling love is often a hard thing to quantify, but this should make it easier for you to clearly showcase what your sister means.


Best friends photo

Another fine choice that we recommend is this best friends photo. For most of our, our sibling truly is our best friend; the one that we can rely upon for everything. It’s an essential part of the process, and a major reason why so many of us choose to get a photo to commemorate what they mean to you. However, is a digital photo of you both really a suitable gift?

Why not get some artistic detail done instead? With the help of this photo, you’ll show a creative interpretation of what you both mean to one another. It’s a friendly gift that should go some way to making you and your sister realise what you mean to one another.


Kintsugi Art Box


If you are someone with a creative sister at home, one of the best things that you could do is buy her a Kintsugi art box. This creative kind of art is one of the best places for you to start when you are looking for a particular project to hand over.Kintsugi is all about repairing ceramic with a lacquer that is often enamoured with gold and/or other colours( like the old rose on the picture above). That’s why so many people love to give DIY kintsugi art as a gift. Your sister will enjoy receiving something that shows her that life is about accepting our imperfections. If you want your sister to enjoy her life a bit more, free from the pressure and frustration that she feels, this is definitely the way to go about it. 


Bespoke bookmark

Does your sister enjoy reading all day? Then indulge her love of books with this bespoke bookmark. It’s the perfect choice for everything from your booksmart author of a sister to your college graduate sister. They make a fine choice of bookmark as they are easy to spot, while the unique nature of the design ensures that it should be nigh-impossible to be mistaken by someone else.

It’s a funny little gift that might not mean much in the grand scheme of things but has two very important attributes. One, it is something that you could use with ease. And two, it’s something that you could hand-over as a memento that will be cherished for many years to come. 


Four Sister Shell

Are there more than one of you? Do you come from a group of four sisters? Then this four sisters shell is the ideal memento of what you all mean to one another. This stunning seashell painting is one that you should find really easy to enjoy, and something that you could easily use to make yourself feel really positive and appreciative of the family that you have.

They might frustrate you – they might even drive you mad sometimes. But we all know that our sisters are our world, and without them who knows where we would be?

So why not commemorate the strength and depth of your love with this four sister shell gift?


Make-up bag

Of course, not every unusual gift has to be something that cannot be used on a daily basis. For example, this personalised make-up bag is just what you need when you are looking for a meaningful gift that has a genuine use as well as a purpose. It’s easy to use as a purse or as a make-up bag, and it would be a fine choice for any sister who just so happens to carry her beauty around with her wherever she goes.

It’s a unique choice of bag, and something that you should find goes a long way to making sure you can feel optimistic that you sister will get full use out of the gift you have bought.


Lavender gift box

When you want a classic gift that is going to immediately make your sister smile, go for this lavender gift box. You would find it tough to find a gift with more emotional meaning and depth than this, especially if your sister is a lover of all things lavender. Show her that you notice her passion for this colour and scent with a creative little lavender gift box full of useful items that she can put to plenty of good use as the year goes by.

Why not make sure that your sister gets some gifts that she can love using and actually utilise for a positive purpose on a daily basis? 

Each of these gifts should go some way to making that so! What one will you choose?

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