In case you haven’t noticed.

At Mora Approved, we are heavily into Kintsugi. 

As you can see from the array of Kintsugi guides and how to’s. 

There’s something about Kintsugi that is very grounding in its metaphorical sesnse, therapeutic in the fixing sense and actually visually great to look at once you have gone ahead and fixed something. 

Overall, a very satisfying endeavor. 

And if you know someone who is ‘into’ Kintsugi. 

You will know that it means a great deal to them spiritually and that’s why something Kintsugi inspired for an upcoming birthday or an anniversary of some kind. 

A kintsugi gift can be something that has both practical and sentimental value. 

That’s why we wanted to go ahead and create a list of 5 awesome Kintsugi gifts to someone special in your life. 

1. Kintsugi Kit 

What better way to introduce them into the world of Kintsugi than with their very own Kintsugi kit. 

This kit basically provides all the Kintsugi supplies that they will need to start mending their very own broken pieces of pottery and whatever other range of objects that they have in mind. 

It comes with:

  • Instructional Illustrated Manual Guide 
  • Bison Epoxy Fast Fixing Gold Glue 24ml
  • Colour powder
  • Paintbrush 
  • Gloves Included
  • Mixing Sticks

So you will essentially have everything that is required to get stuck into Kintsugi. 

All that’s needed to really, really complete the set is a broken plate or a mug? 

Well, this could be exactly what you could provide. 

As a thoughtful funny extra.

An already broken best friend mug for them to fix.


2. Kintsugi Jewelry

If you are looking for something a little more serious - however, still offers that deep sensual meaning. 

Then looking into a range of Kintsugi jewelry could be a great option for you to ponder. 

We actually posted our very own thoughts on our range of 10 favourite Kintsugi jewelry pieces. 

You can get a whole range of Kintsugi inspired decorative pieces - everything from necklaces, broaches, pendants, earrings and much, much more. 

What you will find is the Kintsugi scarring design and artwork that has infused them all. 

In particular, what we like is the metaphorical meaning behind Kintsugi and some of the heart based pieces, not only makes for a beautiful piece but brings a lot of meaning and sentiment to it as well. 


3. Kintsugi Pottery

This is essentially what Kintsugi was intended for. 

However, if you already have a beautiful looking piece of pottery. 

Just adding the Kintsugi factor to it is just going to make for a stunning piece. 

Check out this best selling gorgeous Kintsugi blue bowl for instance. 

It’s a really stellar piece and people will see that they are a wonderful piece to actually display - never mind eating out of (if you do plan on giving such a gift, make sure that it is ‘safe to eat’). 

Of course, when it comes to pottery. 

It’s not just bowls.

There are mugs, plates and much, much more to consider too. 

A particularly popular option to go for is a Kintsugi vase. 

In all, they make for some fascinating pieces and of course wonderful Kintsugi gifts.


4. Kintsugi Art

Kintsugi has become more than just a means to mend. 

It is a Japanese Art form in itself.

Naturally then, the extension for actual art work to be based around Kintsugi is not a stretch. 

Strictly speaking the ‘art’ above is a poster, however, the beautiful minimalistic impact of Kintsugi is obvious to see and makes for a stunningly simply yet bold piece of work to have featured in a workspace. 

Why I like the idea of it being in a work area. 

Is that it serves as a metaphorical reminder to serve up a bad draft. 

This can represent the ‘broken plate’. 

Then you can go into your piece of work later and amend and fix it where necessary ‘essentially’ your second, third and fourth etc. revision will be the golden glue. 

That overall - makes for a better version of your work. 


5. Kintsugi Furniture

Now you can even get Kintsugi furniture. 

Even this one surprised us. 

And as a Kintsugi gift will probably surprise the person you are gifting it to. 

So if it happens to be a drawer work area like this one - then it is a good idea to actually get permission from the potential giftee before going ahead and purchasing it. 

That said, there is some glorious furniture out there. 

Everything from Kintsugi coffee tables and chairs. 

A white background or a black one can look particularly striking and impressive. Making for a frankly gorgeous piece given the right home interiors. 

As said though, given the taste (and the likely expense) it is certainly worth ‘spoiling the surprise’ with this one as it can be a costly. 

And by all means, this is not a comprehensive list. 

You can basically have Kintsugi ‘anything’ as long as it is repairable. 

And can, of course, be fixed by golden glue. 

Have a good think about it though. 

What would make an awesome Kintsugi gift for someone that is special to you. 

Of course, we think the best way to actually get someone interested in the whole concept of Kintsugi in the first place is to actually have them get the kit.


This introduces them to the concept of Kintsugi. The philosophy. The how, the why and what. 

If they go ahead and fix something with the Kintsugi kit with the supplies given, they themselves can show off what they’ve fixed. 

And have some sentiment and pride in it too. 

Of course, as always, if you have any questions with regards to any of the Kintsugi gifts that you see here (or have some ideas of your own) - then we would absolutely love to hear about them. 

Get in touch with us in the comments below.  

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