Typically Kintsugi is used for the likes of mending mugs, plates, and bowls. 

However, since it looks so gorgeous with the golden scars. 

With it even being considered an art form itself. 

It’s only natural for a branch of Jewelry to stem from Kintsugi - and that’s exactly what we are wanting to explore here today with you.

Kintsugi Jewelry. We’ve hunted around the web and come out with our 10 favourite pieces for you to check out. 

Hope you enjoy them - let us know what you think in the comments section below and if we have missed out on a piece of Kintsugi jewelry that you think should be featured. 

#1 Broken Heart Pendant in Blue Lace Agate 

We love this Kintsugi heart shaped necklace. 

You can see the Kintsugi golden scar run right through the centre of the Blue Lace Agate stone, shaped in the way of a heart.

The creator wanted it to symbolise the mending of a broken heart and that after it has been mended just like Kintsugi - you are even more beautiful than the original. 

There is something rather touching about this and perfectly captures the metaphor and philosophy of Kintsugi - plus it is a beautiful pendant necklace to have. 


#2 Polymer Clay Earrings - Kintsugi Earrings - Kintsukuroi Inspired Jewellery


If you are looking for some Kintsugi inspired earrings. 

Then we have to recommend this great little find. 

They are crafted by hand square polymer clay stud earrings that are crafted with marbled clay along with a golden metal leaf to recreate that Kintsukuroi art. 

It appears as if the earrings had originally fractured into two and have been mended together with the beautiful golden lacquer. 

A beautiful must-have for any Kintsugi enthusiast - perfect for an upcoming present. 


#3 Kintsugi Style Black Resin Stacking Ring Gold Foil Flakes Small Faceted Ring

A beautifully hand crafted minimalistic Kintsugi style infused ring that takes on Gold foil flakes to make the look of the famous golden cracks.

The black faceted ring is crafted through eco resin. 

You can make out that it contains the gold seams through thing sparked metallic golden foil strips. 

Everything about this ring is hand produced. The molds are made from hand, the resin is hand sanded and then polished. 

This is what makes every single one of these rings unique - which is what adds to the beautiful sentimental value behind these rings. 


#4 Kintsugi Repaired Turquoise Howlite in a Gold Plated Cuff Bracelet Setting

If you are looking to infuse Kintsugi into a bracelet setting - then you have to check out this fabulous Turquoise Howlite bracelet. 

It’s crafted in many the same manner as with some of the necklace pendants that you see in this setting. 

Of course, the difference being instead of a gold chain - it’s a gold bracelet that will sit around your wrist. 

We think it is a fanatastic little piece where gold breakage scars match with the bracelet itself. 


A sure favourite with us at Mora Approved. 


#5 Rustic cuff bracelet, sterling silver cuff, black and white, freshwater pearls, japanese kintsugi design


A different sort of piece from the rest of the collection. 

However, given its popularity and rustic one of a kind nature - we felt we had to include it within our top 10 and gives us a whole new type of look to the bracelet compared to the one above that is of the more traditional sense. 

It’s a silver plated bracelet that has been hammered, cut and torched with gives the oozing natural lines to provide the silver stitches like that of Kintsugi offers (yes, it can be silver too). 

You can see a range of white freshwater high-quality pears also that are soldered onto the cuff. 

This is a statement piece, that the creator even touts as being a “courage cuff” and matches it with a quote that sums up Kintsugi rather nicely:

When we are broken we can heal and become more precious than ever”.


#6 Kintsugi Labradorite Pendant, Wire Wrapped Jewellery, Blue Stone Necklace, Copper Anniversary

This wired handcrafted pendant is a truly stad out piece. 

It’s gorgeous. 

They are completely unique, but all of them exude this vivid array of gorgeous blends of bright yet subtle colours.

You can lightly see the golden scars of Kintsugi that give it a whole new level of depth and additional texture that makes for a truly stand out piece. 

It’s sure to catch the eye - and will have a few asking about it. 

Which gives you the perfect excuse to share your little bit of wisdom on Kintsugi and the Wabi Sabi philosophy. 

#7 Simple Recovery Pendant. Recycled Silver Encloses Broken Mirror - Repaired in the Kintsugi style. 

For those who after something that is meaningful yet minimalistic. 

Then we have to point you in the direction of this mirror style pendant. 

It’s a mirror that has been repaired with a golden lacquer (in the style of Kintsugi) within the fitting of a pendant. 

All the parts have been crafted from recycled silver - which adds to the overall beauty. 

It doesn’t have to be complex to be a subtly beautiful piece. 

And that’s why this piece is actually our favourite of the lot. It’s simple but delightful to look at. 

Doesn’t stand out but is intriguing none the less. 


#8 Broken Heart Pendant in Toger Eye with Kintsugi Repair on Gold Plated Cable Chain

This is similar to the first love heart pendant. 

However, it makes use of Tiger Eye. 

Which offers a beautiful bronze, gold and brown complexion.

This work wonders with the natural golden scars that Kintsugi offers. 

It doesn’t actually use the golden lacquer that Kintsugi pottery actually uses, but instead a gold metallic foil. 

Plus, the gold chain to couple it up with - makes for a wonderful Kintsugi necklace to behold.


#9 Kintsugi Repaired Sodalite Earrings in Gold Plated Settings and Ear Wires

These earrings are a gorgeous showcase of the Kintsugi art in the form of Jewelry. 

The stones are placed within a gorgeous golden round bezel cup and are suspended with a teardrop golden hook. 

The stones are sodalite cabochons which offer that striking and vivid contrast with the Kintsugi gold repair art style. 

It’s worth noting that the repairs are purposely sealed with a clear acrylic sealant to add further protection.

Certainly, a fantastic pair of Kintsugi earrings to take a look at. 


#10 Kintsugi Inspired Pendants - Encouragement Gift 

For those who aren’t all that familiar with exactly what Kintsugi is. 

I think this is a perfect introduction. 

It has a nice little explanantion of what Kintsugi is and the philosophical Wabi Sabi approach to lie. 

Plus, a beautiful Turquoise stamp with a metal base that you can keep close to your ‘heart’ as a unique pendant. 

Everyone has a unique phrase and saying behind it too. It’s been upcycled from something that would be typically thrown away - further adding to the Kintsugi factor, that there can be beauty in imperfections.  

Of course, if you have your very own piece of jewelry that’s broken - which you feel could do with some Kintsugi love? 

Then why not try it out yourself with a special Kintsugi kit

It supplies you with everything that you could possibly need.  

From the golden lacquer glue to instructions on exactly what to do - step by step. 

Of course, if you ever get stuck - you can also outreach to us and we will be more than happy to help you.

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