Since our last Kintsugi article. 

Regarding the Kintsugi vase. 


We have had a surprising amount of emails come in asking about how to repair a cracked vase made of glass -- and whether it can be done with Kintsugi? 

The answer: yes, absolutely. 

Does it take a bit more skill and care? 

For sure. 

But, nothing more than expected. The only difference between a glass vase as opposed to a ceramic pottery vase that we were dealing with is that -- firstly the edges are obviously sharper, so you going to have to be careful. 

Also, the edges are narrower, so you going to have to pay more attention as you apply the gold lacquer. 

Essentially, everything else remains the same. 

You need two things:

  1. i) The Kintsugi Kit. 

Which you can, of course, pick up here

  1. ii) The Broken Glass Vase

Which you are going to have to provide yourself. 

Given that you found this article though, you probably have one as you need to go about fixing it. 

This way though, your vase is going to look 10x better than before.

And as many turned Kintsugi enthusiasts will attest to -- it makes for a great talking point if you have friends over -- where you can explain that you actually hand made it. 

We’ve done a nice write-up about exactly what Kintsugi means and why it is so much more than simply fixing up broken pottery -- where there are a metaphor and philosophy behind it. 

Wabi Sabi. 

The art of appreciation in imperfection. 

However, for now. 

Let’s go through the steps needed to repair the cracked glass vase with gold glue. 

  1. Get the Kintsugi Set in front of you as well as the vase. 

  1. Start to piece the glass vase back together again, ensuring that you know exactly what goes where. Make sure you do this with a pair of protective gloves just in case. 

  1. Work up the gold glue, ready to start to fix up the vase together again. With the kit you actually have a mixing stick for this very purpose. 

  1. Now start to gently apply the gold lacquer that you have thoroughly mixed on to the glass vase itself. Make sure you do this with some haste as it starts to dry quick.

  1. Apply the two pieces together. Then hold. The more you lacquer you have put on -- the longer you are going to have hold those pieces together -- typically 120 seconds will do it right. 

  1. You can start to clean up any of the excess of the gold glue by just scraping it off or brush it up. This just simply depends on the look that you want. Smooth or lumpy? Precise or rustic? The choice is yours. Typically the smoother look is the more aesthetically pleasing one for fixing glass.

  1. Now it is a simple case of repeating the above steps. Get one piece. Glue it together. Get the next piece then glue it together. Do this until you have finally fixed up the glass vase. 

  1. Stand back. Admire your work. The only problem at this stage. Is that you might have started to develop a bit of a taste for this Kintsugi thing -- and other pottery just might make their way to the kitchen floor.

In all seriousness though, Kintsugi is a really great way of making what could be a pretty boring job into a really fun one that has a fantastic underlying message and philosophy behind it. 

Go ahead.

Pick up a Kintsugi kit here.

Fix your glass vase. 

And also pick up a renewed and improved philosophy on life. 

Couldn’t really ask for much more could you? 

Fixing the Glass Vase with Gold

Hopefully, the instructions above on how you can repair your cracked glass vase in a slightly different way than you were expecting is quite clear. 

Of course.

If you need any help at all -- then don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you no matter what step you are at. 

Before buying or if you are right in the middle of trying to fix up your vase using the Kintsugi kit. 

Just head to our contact page. 

Fill in the contact form.

Then shoot us across a message then one of our Kintsugi experts will get back to you as soon as they possibly can.

Find out more here: 


  • Mora Approved:

    Hi Daniel,
    I am happy to inform our Epoxy Glue can handle 100 degrees Celsius.

    20 mai, 2021

  • Mora Approved:

    Hi Ida,
    Our epoxy glue is completely water resistant once is cured. After your repair, you must wait 48 hours to completely dry, then is ready to use.

    20 mai, 2021

  • Mora Approved:

    Hi Laila Grande,
    It is absolutely possible to just add the glue on top of the crack. It will be what we call: " Faux Kintsugi" imperfectly beautiful.

    20 mai, 2021

  • Laila Grande :

    Hello! I have a big glass wind balloon. It is cracked, but not in pieces. It holds together, if you know what i mean. Is it possible to use this teqnicue by just adding the glue on the outside of the glass?

    20 mai, 2021

  • Ida Snow:

    I have a 12 inch Lead crystal vase with a huge crack after I washed it in hot water and rinsed it in cold is there away to protect the crack from completely breaking and repair it for holding cut flowers in water again?

    20 mai, 2021

  • Ida Snow:

    I have a 12 inch Lead crystal vase with a huge crack after I washed it in hot water and rinsed it in cold is there away to protect the crack from completely breaking and repair it for holding cut flowers in water again?

    20 mai, 2021

  • Daniel Jones:

    Hi, thanks for the great advice. I’d like to try kintsugi on a glass candle holder but I’m worried it won’t be heatproof. Any advice?

    20 mai, 2021

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