DIY Kintsugi Kit

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DIY Kintsugi Kit - Available in 9 Colours

The easiest starter Kintsugi kit! A repair kit that loves every break, crack and chip. Imperfection is the new perfection.

What is included? 
-  Epoxy Fast Glue 
-  Color Powder (3g)
-  Sticking Brush
-  Mixing sticks
-  Illustrated instructions  
- Gloves

How does the Kintsugi Kit work? It's very easy: The colour powder is mixed with epoxy fast glue. Then you simply use the coloured glue to fix the cracks and/or breaks! Then wait 48 hours for the glue to set and your previously-broken piece is ready!


Kintsugi colours available:

-Silver Grey
-Old Rose
-Blue Cobalt
-Forest Green
-Neon Green


 Kintsugi Step by Step: 

Once you have got hold of your kintsugi kit. 

We offer you step by step instructions on how to carry it out. 

1. Find the right broken ornament (whether it be a plate, vase or mug - keep it quite simple to start with). 

2. Mix the powder and epoxy glue together with the mixing stick. 

3. Then start to piece it back together again (essentially so you know which bit goes where). 

4. Finally, start to apply the sticky powered glue to put your broken piece back together again. 

Check out the Kintsugi tutorial video we have done below.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

-Works on pretty much everything you can think of: porcelain, ceramics, jewellery, glass, wood, terracotta, hard plastics.

-Food safe: the epoxy fast glue is resistant to the max of 100 degrees Celsius /212 Fahrenheit, hotter than that components will melt, therefore will not be safe. We do not advise dishwashing, microwave & pouring very hot drinks directly.
Please note the materials are not FDA approved.

If you have any specific questions about the DIY kit for Kintsugi or just any general Kintsugi questions at all - the Mora Approved customer services team will be more than happy to help you further. 

Send me a note at ♡

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