Do you have a big birthday coming up for someone special? Then you no doubt feel quite stressed. Stress often comes through when we are worried about buying someone a gift they might not like. And while it might not be the most enjoyable emotion, it’s one that we often need to overcome. Instead of just panic-buying the first half-decent gift that you see for someone, though, a bit of looking around can go a long way. For a 21st especially, you want to buy something with genuine sentiment.

Often, we will just panic and buy the very first gift that comes to mind. We’ll look for something that is more materially expensive than something that is genuinely useful from a sentimental point of view. That can be problematic, obviously, and leads to buying products that lack any kind of emotional pull. As anyone who has received a birthday gift for a major birthday will know, it’s the thought that counts.

In thirty years time, you want her to look back on her 21st birthday gift and think of you. It does not necessarily have to be something expensive. Instead, it has to be something that means a great deal to the recipient. That’s why we think it’s vital that you take a look at these 10 unique 21st birthday gifts for her. 

Each one should give you a much closer idea of the kind of gift that you want to buy for that individual. They are far more considerate and thoughtful gifts than you might normally have gone for. It might not be the same big expensive gift that you feel is a ‘good’ 21st gift, but they’ll be something that they can look at for years and enjoy using and looking at. So, where do you start?


Birthday socks

It might seem like a novelty, but these awesome birthday socks might just be what you are looking for. They are funny, they are a novelty and they are definitely going to be something unique to them. It’s going to be a funny little 21st birthday gift to hand over; something that is likely to make her laugh and smile with affection.

It’s not the most unique gift, but it’s totally different to anything else they are likely to receive on the day. If you want to make a positive impression with your gift, then, this is probably the best way to do so. It’s a great start to our interesting and unique collection of 21st gifts for her.


Personalised leather bag

If you want to give her a leather bag that she can get plenty of use out of, then this personalised leather bag would make a lot of sense. It might not seem like anything too unique at first, but the easy personalisation and the high quality nature of the leather bag makes it a great gift to hand over.

Especially useful for anyone who is happily creative or tends to take a lot of their tools and items with them wherever they happen to be going. A fine choice of item when you want to make an immediate impression. Exactly the kind of gift that can make a memorable item for them to use time-and-time again.


Birthday sweatshirt

If the aim is to find a gift that is going to mark her arrival in the world, why not go for a 21st birthday sweatshirt? It’s a cool idea as it’s a unique sweatshirt that is tailored to their exact year. You can even pick to have it made in a colour that is going to it in with their personality and their lifestyle. If that person means the world to you, then you could show them the year that your entire world changed with a birthday sweatshirt.

It’s a smart and simple gift that is sure to invoke plenty of emotion and give the recipient the kind of gift that reminds them of you every time they open it.


Birthday care set

While it might feel somewhat cliché, this personalised birthday gift set can be transformed into something genuinely quite meaningful. The recipient should enjoy picking out a fine collection of soap bars and other fragrance items. It will give them items that they can use today, whilst giving them branded artwork that is going to feel entirely appropriate to who they are.

Your challenge is then making sure that the idea and the text that you include on the box is going to feel right. However, with a product like this, you make sure that you are giving them something that they will be able to use and something that they will be happy to remember. 


Kintsugi Art Kit

A really enjoyable gift to hand over when you want to make the right impression, though, is a Kintsugi Art Kit . Effective and enjoyable, these art kits will be just what you need when you want to give someone a kit that they can genuinely enjoy looking at.

In case you are new to the idea of Kintsugi art, it’s a form of Japanese art that is used to repair broken ceramic. Instead of trying to patch it up and hide the imperfection, Kintsugi art is used to help really paint an image of enjoyable imperfection. Life is about accepting who we are, warts and all, and that’s exactly what Kintsugi art does. 


Purple Heart Wood Jewellery

One of the best items that you can give to someone for this time of year is some high quality jewellery. This purple heart wood jewellery makes a lot of sense as it looks good, carries a sense of eloquence, and can be made quite unique. It’s all about handing over a gift that is going to make the recipient think; something that this wood jewellery set should have no problems in doing.

If you want to make sure that the person who you give this to is going to fully enjoy the gift that you hand over, be sure to start here. It’s an interesting piece of custom wood jewellery that can be uniquely personalised.


Birthday wish bracelet

Following on from the above, this birthday wish bracelet makes a fine choice for numerous reasons. Not only is it a high quality birthday wish bracelet that is made from impressive materials, but it’s stylistic design and easy charm changing allows for you to match it up with the kind of person who the recipient is.

If you want to make sure that you pick a gift this year that is going to make them laugh and smile with equal measure, take a look here. You will find that you have a good selection of charm options, so pick something that you feel best represents the individual who you will be handing it to!


Special birthday necklace

Of course, if you wish to complete the jewellery collection you could take a look at this stylish 21st birthday necklace. They look good and they immediately make a bit of a difference to the way that you build a present collection for them; a meaningful memento that can be of use to them both today and tomorrow. That’s why so many people like to pick up a birthday necklace as their place to start. They feel like they can make sure they hand over something genuinely meaningful.

And with a 21st gift, the aim is always to give them something sentimental that has a use to them today as much as it will in the decades to come. What’s more eternal, then, then a necklace? 


Bespoke whiskey decanter

While not every 21-year-old girl is going to be a big drinker, this feels like a good gift to get due to the way the world opens up at 21. We start to become more adult, and thus we want to expand our horizons and see more of the world we missed in our formative years. That’s why a whiskey decanter makes a lot of sense; it’s a fantastic 21st birthday gift that comes with its own style and personality.

Now, when they are successful in later life, they can look back at the decanter that you gave them as an example of why they got to where they are today! 


21st Birthday Mug

A mug is always a good idea for a 21st birthday; the kind of memorable item that can become a mini-memento of a brilliant time in our lives. A 21st century mug is a good choice when you wish to pick up something that looks good and offers a sense of opportunity to give over a gift that says something more than the norm.

It might not be the most unique gift out there, but it’s a stylish choice that should really make a big difference. It’s a good pick for anyone who wants that classic gift to hand over; the kind of item that should make it easy for you to make them have something useful and funny on their special day. 

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