A brief history of Mora Approved

Our History
Mora Approved came together in the winter of 2011 when two friends, Cassey and Claudia struggled to find unique pieces to furnish their homes. The choices seemed to come from either Ikea, the high street, or high end. So being avid travelers they decided to simply source their own pieces that weren't readily available in the UK. And Mora Approved was born. 

The name 'Mora Approved' was inspired by the fact that there is a town named Mora in Sweden and a town named Mora in Spain. It seemed fitting to name the shop after two very different European regions with one unifying name - Mora. It represents our commitment to sourcing unique products from many European countries. And currently, we've sourced pieces from The Netherlands, Denmark, France, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Russia, Estonia, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, and soon to be many more...

The 'Approved' part came later. As we check all our products to ensure their quality and uniqueness, it seemed more and more relevant to add 'Approved' as a qualifier. And then Mora Approved was born! 

Our Product Selection

We source our products on our travels around Europe. We strike up conversations with the artists and producers and we visit town markets and fairs. We always stop to inspect whatever catches our eye. 

We're not fancy interior designers and we're certainly not magazine editors. But we know you love your home and we want you to be able to express your love of European travel without having to pay the earth for it. When we post an item for sale here, you know it's been selected because it represents its native country, it's functional, it's beautiful and it's affordable. 

We're proud to offer a diverse range of European pieces - unique ceramics, graphic cushions, vintage-inspired prints, special serving sets, quirky home organisation, unusual candles, bold bed linen, gorgeous silverware, vinyl clocks, quirky bags, minimalist wallets, and much more. And we're thrilled to be able to offer affordable vintage pieces that add a touch of rustic charm!

Just beautiful, honest and unique homewares and accessories that make your house a home. So you can be assured that every item stocked on Mora Approved is inspected for quality and are the kinds of pieces you'd be proud to own for years to come.

So while we'll always want you to experience a European destination for yourself, it's nice to know that there's now a place where you can discover a piece of Europe for your own home.

Happy shopping!

[PS: We need to give some credits where they're due -

Our logo design was by the inimitable Edwin Kua. We highly recommend him for branding and design work.

We'd also like to thank our good friends and family who have unfailingly supported us in this endeavour. You know who you are!]