Are you someone who finds it hard to let go of something? Do you see something as irreparably damaged if it becomes physically impacted? Then you might benefit from learning about kintsugi wellness. At its heart, the Japanese restoration technique of kintsugi is used to help shine a light on the changes. To never hide the journey. For example, a broken vase might normally be put in the bin. With kintsugi, you could restore that to its previous glory whilst also adding some clear lines of silver or gold to show where the cracks previously existed.

This creates a new story around the damaged item, and shows that even the biggest of breaks can be restored. And this kind of thinking – of never hiding from our journey, of always being ready to see change as progress as opposed to a problem – is absolutely essential to your development. It is a key part of kintsugi wellness, too.

So, what are the main benefits of kintsugi wellness?

Embrace change

When something goes wrong in life, it is very easy to find yourself feeling quite despondent about what has happened. That, though, does not have to happen when you are using kintsugi wellness. Instead, you start to realise that things will change, and that you should instead look to embrace the change. You can then work to make the changes apparent, using them as a form of improvement as opposed to something to fear or worry about.

Stop giving up

Another key part of kintsugi wellness is that it allows us to realise that we do not have to simply give up when things get tough.

If you are someone who would quickly throw something in the bin after a dent or a scratch, then you can benefit from kintsugi wellness massively. It will stop you from always seeing damage as permanent and something to hide from or be afraid of. Instead, taking part in kintsugi wellness allows you to quickly understand that even the biggest smash can be repaired, even improved upon, with enough work.

Damage is not failure

Many times, a piece of kintsugi artwork can sell for more than the original product. Why? Because the kintsugi design is unique. The way that something smashes is nigh-impossible to replicate, thus meaning that the kintsugi pattern will change. This then creates something new, something better, than what was previously available.

The benefit of kintsugi wellness is that it allows you to very quickly see that being damaged alone is not a sign of failure or defeat. It is, rather, a sign of change, progress, and improvement. We can all bear scars, and instead of trying to hide them from the world, kintsugi wellness teaches you to embrace those moments.

They are the moments that make us the people we are today, so it is essential that you do not see damage as a failure, but simply another step in the journey that we call life.

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