When it comes to a wedding anniversary, most of the time it’s easy to just get by with what you can find. Anniversaries are often a moment of personal enjoyment for both people involved, but it’s common courtesy for others to buy them gifts as well. That’s why when it comes to buying for an anniversary as big as a 50-year anniversary – the ‘Golden Anniversary’ – it makes sense to buy people a worthwhile gift they can enjoy.

That’s why we have so many gold gifts for 50th wedding anniversary celebrations. It’s a great choice for anyone who is looking to ensure they are left with a high quality golden gift set to give over. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary of your own or you are buying an anniversary gift for someone who you care for deeply to help them celebrate together, here are some good ideas to pick from.

Buying gifts, as you no doubt know, can be needlessly hard work. You often need to spend a lot of time looking around and verifying if a gift is going to give off the right kind of message. When you are sick and tired of trying to audit every gift that you hand over, though, you might want to make a change and do something different. If that is the case, we recommend you look at our gold gifts for 50th wedding anniversaries!

What is a 50th anniversary?

In some cultures, this is not a common practice. You may have heard that your 25th anniversary is known as your Silver Anniversary: a commemorative name to mark the amount of time that you have managed to stay together. Well, your Gold Anniversary is going to be your 50th year anniversary. Given how few people are capable of making it so long with just the one person, it truly is a moment worth remarking and savouring!

That’s why we recommend that you take a look at our growing number of gold gifts for 50th wedding anniversary. When that big day comes around, you want to make sure that you shower your dearly beloved with the best gifts that you can possibly afford. That’s a big reason why we recommend that if you intend on taking this further that you look at the gifts listed below.

Some of them are quite abstract, whereas others will be suited perfectly to a very particular kind of person. If you are unsure of what you should be looking out for when it comes to buying gold gifts for 50th wedding anniversary, then get some inspiration below. 


DIY Kintsugi Kit gift

To make it to 50 years with someone means that you have often put in a lot of work. Along the way there will be plenty of fights, disagreements, and uncertainty. When you keep pushing, though, you will usually find a solution. It’s about accepting the imperfections and challenges of the marriage, and persevering to find a happier future for you both. Well, what better way to signify that than with a Kintsugi Art Kit


The art of Kintsugi, if you are not aware, is the use of lacquer to help add some depth and strength to a broken bowl. Ceramic, for example, smashes with relative ease. This helps you to repair what is left of the bowl, with the large golden streaks that hold the bowl in place so clearly visible. That is important, as it shows that we are not prepared to let our imperfections and weaknesses hold us back.

In fact, it’s one of the best solutions that you could pick from if you want a symbolic gift. You’ve both been smashed up and put back together again as those fifty years have come and gone. Why not let the world see your gold lacquer shining on through? 


Sundial gift set

Of course, you might wish to go for something a bit less out there in terms of the message that it gives off. If that is the case, then you should take a look at this stunning golden Sundial gift set. It’s the perfect place to start off with when you are looking for a gift set that is going to be exactly as you would have imagined it to be. A unique, enjoyable solution that, in time, should really make a suitable gift. It’s a great way to think of all the time that’s passed in each other’s company! 


Coin bag charm clip

Are you planning on going on holiday for your big 5-0? Then why not get the lucky recipient(s) a Coin bag charm clip?

It’s a cute little clip that is going to be good for them if they wish to store little mementos and findings from the trip. A cute gift often goes down well and this is very cute indeed. It shows a thoughtfulness and a desire to make sure that the evening can go as well as is possible for everyone involved. That’s why a coin bag charm clip makes an excellent gold gift for a 50th wedding anniversary!


Personalised frame print

With so many photos likely taken over the years of the happy couple, a Personalised frame print makes a fine choice of gift indeed. It will give the veterans a chance to put their relationship into the right kind of framing, ensuring that there is never any reason whatsoever for the frame print to be left unused. With so many memories and moments that have happened in those 50 years, surely something will fit like a glove into that photo slot? 


Personalised wooden heart

Of course, not every gift has to be something overly grandiose. For example, a Personalised wooden heart is a fine choice; a symbol of your love and the amount of work that has gone into making life happy for both members of the relationship. After 50 years, we’re sure that it is safe to say that the couple are happily in love; so why not help them make sure that this love is symbolically shown as well as felt with the help of a personalised wooden heart? It’s a great, thoughtful gift idea. 


Genuine anniversary newspaper 

 When you want to give over a gift that will make even a glass eye flood with tears, go for a Genuine newspaper creation. It’s an artistic choice that will be used to help find the exact newspaper that you choose from – 50 years to the date. It will even come with a certificate of authentication, and you’ll get a copy of The Times newspaper sent to you from the day that you choose. What better way to commemorate their love than with an insignia of that time spent together in such harmony? 


Engraved golden beaded platter 

A good choice when you want something a bit more simplistic is to go for a Engraved golden beaded platter. It’s a good ceremonial gift; the kind that just about anyone should enjoy receiving and putting up in their homes. A creative and charming choice of gift that should be used for anything from food and drink to ceremonial designs. The kind of gift that just about anyone who is enjoying a 50-year anniversary should receive with kindness and spirit. 


Anniversary rose set

When you want a gift that is going to make a really good impression, then you should look to use a Golden anniversary rose gift as part of the collection. This anniversary rose set is a fine choice of gift as it will be something that is not going to go off, like real roses, and will thus become a fine example of the 50 years spent together: aging like a fine wine! 


Personalised bottle sticker 

Speaking like aging like a fine wine, why not get a bottle of your most beloved vintage and add a Personalised bottle sticker to it?

You can make this sticker celebrate all of the time that you have spent together; a true example of the kind of love and genuine feeling that is shared amongst both of you. Gifts like this are often small in stature but large in meaning, making it easy to give that person who means so much to you a truly meaningful gift that they can quickly fall in love with.

Perfect for adding a bit of personality to the gift, too! 


Personalised golden bauble 

When you are looking for a gift that does a lot of heavy lifting and can be used again and again, why not get a Personalised golden bauble?

Again, it’s not a large gift but the meaning and sentiment behind it is massive indeed. You will find that this little bauble becomes a major part of their celebratory accessories in the future. A fine choice of gift when you want something simple that really makes the significance of a 50-year spell together stand out like never before!

So, which of the various gold gifts for 50th wedding anniversary celebrations will you pick up to mark such a significant passing of the time?

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