A Super Easy Christmas Lantern DIY A Super Easy Christmas Lantern DIY

A Super Easy Christmas Lantern DIY

A Super Easy Christmas Lantern DIY A Super Easy Christmas Lantern DIY

DIY Christmas Lantern

If you've been on Pinterest and ogled at all the DIY Christmas decorations, you've probably come across this one:


Image from welke.nl

Now generally we're pretty skeptical of 'easy DIY's' - especially the beautifully-shot DIY projects that are all over Pinterest. But this one was different. It involved two of my favourite things: old book pages and tea lights. Plus I had a few old jars floating around that were begging to be given a new purpose. So I thought I'd give this little beauty a try but adapt it for Christmas. The best part is, you can always interchange the paper shape depending on the season or your mood (how cute would it look with a pumpkin for Halloween?)

It took a few goes, but really, it only took about 15 minutes all up. So easy your cat could probably do it. (Incidentally have you seen the dog that can drive? They're going to take over the world one day.)

Super easy Christmas Lantern DIY

You'll need: 

- Old jars (make sure they're clean of wrapper residue and that they're straight up and down - not wider at the top and narrower at the bottom). 

- Old book pages. It would be super cute if the book fit the season - like 'A Christmas Carol' for Christmas, or John Donne's 'Love Sonnets' for Valentines. But it's not necessary. I used a terrible paperback romance that came with a magazine. 

- Sticky tape. 

- Scissors. 

- Tea lights.

- Some ribbon (choose your own colour and finish to suit the occasion and decor.)

The steps:

1) Carefully rip out two pages of your book (or just one if it's a long page lengthwise) and tape them together vertically to make one long page. 

2) Roll the taped pages and fit into your jar. Measure where the page would sit just under the lip of the jar and cut it to fit. Also cut the page vertically so it won't overlap too much and cover your cut out.

3) Take out the page from the jar and draw your preferred shape onto one side of the page and slice it out using a sharp knife and a cutting board. Or some sharp scissors. The less complicated to begin with, the better. Some ideas for Christmas: A christmas tree, a star, a candycane, a bauble. Why not do all four in different sized jars and group them together as the centrepiece for Christmas dinner? 

4) Push the page back into the jar and smooth out the edges.

5) To finish, wrap the ribbon around the mouth of the jar and tie into a bow. Finally, drop the lit tealight into it. Aaand you're done. Pour yourself some gloggwine and admire your DIY ingenuity.

Just make sure that all the loose ends of the paper are away from the tealight - they're so small that it's unlikely to burn the paper, but in any case never leave a lit candle or tealight unattended. 

Effort Factor: 1/5

Effectiveness: 4/5

Cost: Approx 50p per jar - you've probably got all the materials at home.

Does the final product look like the pin? We think so. But we're biased like that.

What do you think? 



We dig it! Have you ever attempted your own DIY Christmas Decorations?

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