the guide on how to kintsugi the guide on how to kintsugi

Guide How to Kintsugi

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This is the ultimate Kintsugi ebook to help you navigate the ancient Japanese repair technique.

Ever wondered what is the history and story behind kintsugi? or wanted to understand the benefits of Kintsugi? Or just create your own masterpiece?
Over these detailed 25 pages you’ll become an expert at repair.

You’ll be breaking plates just to repair them in no time.

✩ Welcome to Kintsugi.
✩ What is Kintsugi?
✩ The History of Kintsugi.
✩ How did Kintsugi come to be?
✩ What can Kintsugi be used for?
✩ The Benefits of Kintsugi.
✩ How to do Kintsugi?
✩ Try It Yourself!

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When you want to give Kintsugi a go -  we recommend picking up the DIY Kintsugi kit too. 

Camille ♡

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