Upcycled Vinyl Fruit Bowl

€29.95 EUR
The problem with digital music is that we won't get the opportunity to turn them into wonderfully kitschy fruit bowls like this one. Crafted from vintage vinyl records, these fruit bowls will look great holding a band of bananas or a group of grapes.
It measures 30.5cm in diameter and is 8 cm tall. As each vinyl used is different, the inside sticker will differ from the picture. 

Lockengelöet has been recycling and redesigning previously unwanted consumer goods since 2004. Since then, large oil cans have been transformed into cupboards, vinyl records are turned into household storage and books have a second life as coat racks, all of which are handmade in St. Pauli, Hamburg.

A wonderfully quirky housewarming gift for a rock enthusiast, we love this vinyl fuit bowl because it rescues yesterday's treasured albums from the trash and gives them an opportunity to make a comeback into your home!